If you think answering "yes" means you don't need to read any of this, you
are *fast asleep.  *Freedom comes at a price, the destruction of apathy and
ignorance, plagues that have gone on for far too long.

I know Christmas is over, believe me... I know.  I should probably have
some great happy thing to share with you--we're going to have to settle on
both proof of Creation and Heaven.  At home her, things are not great right
now, I think our world is plagued by a number of problems that aren't
really our fault--and yet here we are not doing very much to make it
better.   I know these problems come from our future--or the one that
didn't have them here, and instead wound up making it themselves; here we
are in a place learning about secret and *really advanced technology* and
not really knowing why.  This "stuff" it's really neuroscience put to action
 (*Feed, Anderson novel*--note the name), it's the difference between
Heaven and Hell... a place where people are kept from seeing something
obvious might look like Hell, and the opposite... maybe where the same
technology fills in some missing information... *connected through The
Matrix* to Neo saying "*I know kung fu
that might be closer to Heaven...  This is one of the technologies *being
revealed through the unsealing of religion, and it is the mechanism behind
the delivery of religion... and the light.*

*Everything you are going to read is about building Heaven... actually
building it--both the infrastructure, and the structural change in both
government and our society that the future is telling us clearly--we
know we need it.  The light
the movies and books, the ideas and technology, all here as part of a great
plan--one predicted thousands and thousands of years ago.  Welcome to "the
of Heaven.  Want to help?  *

It's time to begin.
 -*Imagine Dragons*  *Light it up with a retweet.

A great many of the patterns I have presented also imply ... actually show
the design of our world's intent to build Heaven.  The religious themes of
video game consoles and computer companies--from the SEGA Genesis to Bill
Gates, as a Gateway to Eden's Apple ... these things show a clear and
obvious link between computers and Heaven.  To me it's a clear statement
that the promises of the Bible are bieng fulfilled, we can see it happening
all around us--now right now--is the time to start participating more...
and to understand that Heaven is much more than bricks and mortar--it's not
*just* "virutal reality," and with the disruption that the "light of the
world"--this message that God has written on *everything* we have an
opportunity to turn around a number of social and systemic patterns that
would otherwise lead us towards a Hellish future.  Nearly all of these
problems revolve around the secrecy or misuse of technology, and this theme
points me to the Constitution which has been changed a number of times
improving social equality--but not once during the largest technological
singuarlity in all of the history of the Unvierse... through the advent of
phones, computers, and the internet... we have not properly addressed
issues like privacy and public disclosure over and over.  It is the kind of
thing that you could almost be sure is designed.
Seeing that design and rebounding from it with grace is the goal today.
Honestly on top of that never seeing anything "designed wrong on purpose"
ever again should be another high priority.  Our voting process is obvious
"silly," twice now we have seen the outcome of an election fail the popular
vote--and we aren't really talking about doing anything about that.  That's
a real problem, don't you think?  A huge underlying theme of the "Light of
the Burning Bush" is a focus on using computers to aid in creating a true
democracy--not a "representative one" which you might remember Bush
speaking about in the aftermath of 9/11.  It's always been obvious to me
that this was an "inevitability" a world where the people act as the
legislative branch does today--truly designing their own laws; the words
which Bush spoke during his first inauguration
--*prediciting the 9/11 attack*--serve as a catalyst to help us do that

"Democratic capitalism is the best system ever devised." -George W. Bush

He said "We know the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the
strong.  Do you not think an angel rides in the whirlwind, and directs this
storm?"  Those words, while also showing anachronistic foreknowledge of
typographic and computer technology--relating "swift" to  the font Courier
and strong to the font style "bold" ... we can see the Hand of God in
action delivering a "what not to do" message through the act of Creation...
putting the two verses together, and adding in another anachronism, the
word "the" happens to be "die" in German:  *the race is not to Die Bold.

Surrounding this is more hidden light.  The Hebrew *word for the Burning
Bush is Ha'esh*
within it you can see Moses' true parted sea, backwards.  What's more,
seeing that later in the story a sea is actually parted in order to
highlight this anachronism sheds light on what the true "wilderness" of
Exodus is.  40 years in the desert, 40 days and nights in an ark...
protecting us from time travel changing the past is "lit" by both the
reference to time periods and to the fouth dimension... 4-D from 40.  There
are a significant number of additional anachronistic examples of English
appearing in Hebrew and Arabic, all designed to reinforce this idea of
creation in a storm of time travel.  English too contains examples of a
"macaronic" cypher highlightd by both religion and light in the
world--things like the Taming of the Spanglishrew, langolier, and *Yankee
Doodle*'s macaroni.

God is speaking, he's speaking through a company that created an
"electronic voting system" that really doesn't solve any of the problems we
have with voting--long lines, accountability, and frequency of voting...
it's "wrong on purpose," and he's giving us a golden opportunity today to
take a giant leap closer to Heaven.

Here's an Atlantic article on Bush' speechwriter's book titled *Present at
the Creation*.
clear as day, no?   Later in the inaugural address Bush concurs, "we are
not this story's author, who fills time and eternity with his purpose."

Really see that Bush's name and his recitation of Ecclesiastes 9:11 and
Revelation 20:1 together are the intended parallel to the actual Burning
Bush of Exodus--just like Die Bold.  From the fire that spreads over
nothing short of proof that Exodus is written for us come the light that
begins a process of really attaining freedom, and that's the stuff of

Just like Heaven--the idea of a more perfect place to exist--depends
squarely on *your participation; *I cannot spread this message alone, I
need your help.

On top of an insane number of BIbilical references to modern computing
obvious ones like the "root" of David, Lisp of Moses... and the Apple of
Adam--Exodus delivers a bright flash combining the Linux command "sudo"
with an Oracle database called "Xe"--which doubles as a lamp related
Tying in more "light in the world" to the connetion between Heaven and
computers, God "Rattle's a Rod" by showing divine influence over both
Shake-speare's question to the ages "to B or not to Be?" and Sherlock
Holmes famous quote "It's elementary my dear What-sons..." leading to the
"Sign of the Son's" connection between proving foreknowledge of 7 chemistry
elements' symbols at the time of the writing of the BIble and the
definitive Herald of the Second Coming
which happens to to link *by date and chapter and verse
Bush's speech.

Xenon, the element from Exodus matches Earth; and the true Fifth Element
gives sight to Jupiter's initials:  A.D.
the index of Siilicon, 14. Like the other *light*, those initials appear in
a number of places in our world and one of the Hebrew names for God and in
the first image you'll notice my full initials grace the computer chip
maker "American Micro Devices."  The elements as well as their
corresponding planets, *from Mercury to Uranium* are described by the
successive lines of Bush's Ecclesiastes 9:11 from "the race is not to the
swift" to "time and chance" matching the God's of Speed, Time, and Heaven.

From the Messenger to U
don't take a chance on Heaven, *light my fire
and *see* the Doors
the solution to the element of the *Iron* Rod of Christ.


Let me comment that I didn't really scream all night two nights ago--I
spent the night sending e-mails out.  Lots and lots of e-mails.  In my
somewhat distorted reality, I assume that you all know when I do that,
because ... you know, these are e-mails that contain the kind of
information that would make me call the authorities--or the news--or every
smart person I could find; and so that's why we find ourselves here.   I've
been doing this constantly for months, providing--in a soup of hectic
writing--a number of key points that show this message comes from the
Creator of the Universe, and contains verifiable proof of that.  Look
around you, a great deal of what is happening here matches perfectly to the
story of Exodus and to the positive connection between Heaven and liberty.
This message is incendiary
and should have started the Second Coming all on it's own--but it
hasn't--and in keeping with our story this wall,of censorship and
disblief *hiding
the light of the Son* matches up perfectly with the Egyptian Plague of
Darkness.  I need your now, more than ever (*Total Eclipse of the Heart,
Bonnie Tyler) *to help bring our world through the night.  Frankly, I
haven't even touched on the volume of proof that I have, like our story,
this is just the beginning
 (*a's Compilation*).


For whatever reason, whether it's by the decision of network heads in our
media that is now *controlled ostensibly by only 6 corportaions
or by *secret Executive Order*, thousands upon thousands of individuals in
the press have been uanble to write a word about this information--which I
am very sure delivers with a clarity that there is something special
happening or our generation.  This message is time sensitive--it's designed
specifically for us, connecting corporations names and current technologies
to both religion and Heaven--*it is meant to be unsealed right this very

Because of the wall of censorship
is clearly a big part of the freedom delivered by God in the stories of
Exodus and Jericho--I am asking you to pick up the torch of this Holy Fire
and send this message to everyone on your contact list, share in on Facebook
 and Twitter
and talk about it--I hope people are as amazed as I was by the bright light
all over our history that I just never saw before it was pointed out.

In truth the censorship goes beyond the internet and the media, the
technology being revealed is being used to keep us in the dark, to ensure
that we do get "full disclosure" of not only the existence of "mind
altering" technology, but a crash course in how it should never be
used--following our unfortunate theme of the day.  It's going to take a
real effort, cooperation to really build Heaven, and right now we have
a *golden

I need your help.  Please, help this story break
<[log in to unmask],[log in to unmask],[log in to unmask],[log in to unmask],[log in to unmask],[log in to unmask]>
alerting the media that you *know* you've seen the light.  Tonight
 (Eponymous, *Taylor



see the path is lit from the fire
Hell in Exodus to *almost* Heaven

*[image: Inline image 9]
Inline image 7]
Inline image 5]
Inline image 6]
Inline image 8] [image: Inline image 10]

*... Illusions, Mr. Anderson. Vagaries of perception ...*

Sometimes; I talk *a little bit* about fancy high-tech ideas
"plugging google into my brain," things that I see are definately design as
part of this message--and honestly, I really think that people think it's
"strange."  I *know, without doubt
because I am very sure that everything that is "of *Phillip K. Dick
here, all of his works and the ideas he has presented in science fiction
are really "of Sam" or God... and "for me."  I can tell you it's very clear
to me because ... *it's hard
to get
this out
 and every

*"Look, he is coming with the clouds," and "every eye will see him, even
those who pierced him"; and all peoples on earth "will mourn
of him." So shall it be! Amen.  Revelation 1:7*

It's so clear because both the PKD ideas, from Minority Report and it's
presentation of "pre-crime" to A Scanner Darkly and it's presentation of
"sous-veillance" all the way to Total Recall ... and it's presentation of
"terraforming Mars" matches very clearly to a story that you too will agree
is "of Sam."  It's the story of Exodus, of a world secretly enslaved, the
9/11 attack being predicted thousands of years before it happened, and
*about Die
--and an attempt to create an "electonic voting system" that in all
honestly would have been nothing short of the "race" going to the
machine... taking control that should be flowing like water into our
*cupped* hands and losing it to the machinations of layers and layers of
beaurocracy and apathy... as if it were "power" drawn magically to the
ground, electricity to the dirt.

We know that the race is not to the swift nor the battle to the strong,
 [but time and chance
 *happen to save them all*]  Do you not think *an angel* rides in the
whirlwind and directs this storm?  Ecclesiastes *9:11* and Revelation *20:1*
on *1/20*/2001 by George W. *Bush

This is the solution to the mystery of the 7 stars and 7 lamp stands
The stars you saw were planets, from the swift Mercury to the God of time
Saturn and of Heaven, Uranus... showing the world the link
 between science
 and *religion
Revelation *1:20 *and* the Last Adam

The clear pattern here is seeing everything is wrong, on purpose--with a
glowing chance for real purpose on the horizon.  It's a pattern that is by
design, I can assure you--I've heard His voice with my own ears explaining
to me what he called something like "the teachers methods."  As you may or
may not be aware, I've had a problem with speed, with trying to help us
jump closer to Heaven just as fast as I can.  God's "solution" to this was
to make that problem worse, artificially, and until very recently make it
impossible to break the habbit.  He told me as much, in clear
words--something I am trying to do for the world at the macrocosmic level
where we see the same thing happening all the way back with the British
East India Tea Company to the CIA in Los Angeles in the 1980's, and just a
year ago with China, the United States Post Office and a good sized
fraction of urban America.  This... this is his "promised Absolution
to see that these problems *really are not our fault as individuals--*so
long as we see what kind of systemic risk comes from Hitleresque and
inhumane ideas like eugenics are for .. for the concept of "civilization."
 Look up, it's more than what you see here--my particular problem's code
name is "Fire From Heaven," and from Prometheus to you... that's a sign of
where this problem really comes from.  From us, see.
I'm showing you what it does to the future to ignore this message--it hurts
us.  Listen.

I baptize you with the knowledge of Holy Water
, Fire
and the Angel of the Lord
Matthew 3:11

And he said, "Who told you
you were naked? Have you eaten from the tree
I commanded you not to eat from?" Genesis *3:11

On *March 11, 2011*, a magnitude-9 earthquake shook northeastern Japan,
unleashing a savage tsunami.

Then there came *flashes of lightning, rumblings*, peals of thunder and a
severe earthquake. No earthquake like it has ever occurred since mankind
has been on earth, so tremendous was the quake. Revelation 16:8

On *March 11, 2015*, I was arrested
being *on the lam
just about three years, during which time a great deal of the information
you are reading was... "given" to me.

More on dates, and their connection to Biblical chapter and verse.. just
above with 1/20. 9/11
the book of Revelation

I want to remid you again of how quickly our society has changed in these
last few years--a little more than a decade and text messages and instant
messaging on the internet have gone from a thing "of living in your mothers
basement and fishing computer parts out of the trash" to ... every single
one of your kids *needing it* every day, if not you too.  With that in
mind, Amazon's Echo and Alexa, Apple's Iris, and Google's "OK" are already
showing us that we don't even want to type our questions into our phones or
tablets--we need to have interactive voice response--answers on demand all
the time.

Just like everything else in the science fiction portion of our message, we
are being shown that we literally are being given tools, along with some
food for though, and sugestions about what might be *decidendly wrong.*
For instance, in Minority Report punishing people as if a crime was
committed doesn't help anyone--just like our prison system; A Scanner
Darkly shows us exactly who should *not be anoyzmied--the watchers rather
than the innocent; I think you and many others around me are a good example
of why "thinking you know everything" or have some secret and magical way
to know what something says without reading it... is probably a mechanism
of slavery rather than true.*

*We do "have the technology" though, we can see it forming
Obama's BRAIN Initiative
and the places that "omniscience" comes, the wayward infants of the Eye of
Ra are places like Wikipedia
and reddit
can already see corruption and censorship "changing the truth."  *While
"information overload" and "fake news" are also problems, what's
significantly worse are a great number of supposed "*reputable sources"* going
out of their way to hide and spin the truth.

Just like the hidden and broadly encompassing surveillance of Snowden's
MInority Report and Scanner Darkly show us that these ideas that God has
hidden in science fiction
very real, and the prediction of 9/11 and *all of modern computing* in
religion have shown us time travel is actually here... we can God speaking
to the world not just in science fiction but in actual science, through

Yesterday I mentioned
Ellison's name *connecting to Elisha
Abraham*, and the Oracular "let there be light" delivered by the *name Exodus
reverse.   Earlier I mentioned Bill Gates's name and it's connection to a
the future, the phrase "I am the gate" and The Doors.  *What I am trying to
point out through example is that the names that we believe were "given to
us" actually have quite a bit to do with what we have done during our lives
here in this generation--God has given them to us, with prescient knowledge
of what it is that we will be doing.  Point in fact, as far as my "plugging
google into your brain" and it's relationship to Neo "learning kung-fu
instantly in the Matrix... is it's connection to a science fiction novel
about just that--a world whee the kids all have a "feed" in their heads
that plugs them into the internet.  That novel is written by a man
named Anderson--Neo's
real name.  I point these things out
hope that we see them, but I can't be sure.

I can tell you I never saw them in th world all around me, each and every
day, unitl they were pointed out to me--and then I was somewhere between
awed and dumbfounded
certainly it piqued my interest in a message that otherwise--well, that I
was already interested in.  What I can tell you is that once they are
pointed out, if you do not think that it's a significant event--if you
don't see *proof*, then I think you are blind.  I know there are many
"spritually blind" people around me, and I hope that what I am doing is
going to help us see through the darkness to a bright future.

Speaking from a posiiton of experience, actually having something similar
to Neo's magical learning mechanism, I can tell you that it is not all it's
cracked up to be.  That being said, just like our world and the problems
illustrated in Dick's work I wouldn't go without them completely, I want to
make them better.  It's feedback, cahasing dreams, and true serendipity
that we have a golden opportunity to see things that were once hidden, to
decide together what we think about them, and to move forward.

*My servant will be set up
and be exceedingly high
-Isaiah 52:13

One giant leap "for Adam
would be disconnecting the link between *speed* and omniscience; perhaps
using the same technology that causes the addiction
control it, and see that there are probably many others who would be very
happy with the same thing.

I am telling you a story
 about my life
because I know it is designed to help you.  It hurts me that I think many
of you think the world is better off hiding who I really am.

Are we having fun yet?  I still want The King's Pool
the gate to Atlantis
I also want you to know that pool is in the BIble for a damned good
reason.  Sometimes I think you think I ramble on and on but really I just
want you to think and find some of these hidden treasures for yourselves so
you too can be awed by the speech of a God and maybe kinda like what he
says too

Take a look, we are in a book.
Tomorrow, maybe I will talk about immortality.

And only tomorrow leads the way
*I'm coming
back and moving into your head*

*Please, *I wouldn't pass this by
* - *Oh, no
What sort of man blows by
*I will bring wate*r.

Dave J. Matthews