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Do any of you have any experience with either of these programs for authoring and burning DVD-Audio discs?

I've downloaded the trial version of Cirlinca's HD Audio Solo Ultra v. 4.4 and I like it very much. However, they have been unresponsive to questions I've asked, and one user on the internet describes their technical support as among the worst out there. Another person said that they paid the registration fee but were never sent an activation code. So, I'm wondering if any of you have any experience with this company.

DVD-Audio Tools is a free program that generates an ISO image file from which you can burn a DVD-Audio disc with any DVD burning software that will import ISO files. Nero Burning Rom is one of them, and there are many others. However, it's very unclear exactly what you need to download in order to install this program. If you click on All Releases under Downloads, you are taken to a page that tells you that the latest version is a link called :


I'm not sure what the program Sonic Visualizer has to do with DVD Audio Tools, so I'm reluctant to install it. Apparently DVD Audio Tools has a command line interface, but there's also a graphical user interface available for it. It's not at all clear if the GUI comes with the download, or if it must be installed separately.

Any help/information/opinions that anyone might have will be appreciated.

For many years I've used Discwelder Bronze, in various versions, as my DVD Audio authoring program. It has been excellent, but the program was discontinued by Minnetonka several years ago. Minnetonka has always made registered users go through contortions when it comes to updates, changing computers, etc., but it's now more difficult than ever. Last fall my main hard drive developed problems. After running CHKDSK on it for 10 hours it worked, so I cloned it to a new drive. Nearly all of my software runs without a hitch on the new drive, except for Discwelder. Minnetonka send me a link to install the latest version - 1000M version 1.4, so I did so. It would not run and told me I had to install the iLock program. After installing iLock it still won't run, and Minnetonka now confirms that it won't run under Windows 7. Previous versions did not need iLock, so why now? They tell me I need to keep a "Legacy" computer for running Discwelder. This, despite the fact that previous versions ran fine under Windows 7. But, when I ask them to send me a new activation code for my previous version(s), they just give me the run-around. So, I'm through with Minnetonka.

Thanks again for whatever info anyone can provide.


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