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Jeff Duboff, the guy in Massachusetts who sold modified SL-1200 turntables under the Diapason name, would add a mounting platform to the back of the SL-1200 to accommodate longer arms. There's no way a longer tonearm will fit on the stock SL-1200 base. His contact information is here:

But, I'm not sure he's still in business. This page has a different address and phono # for him:

I'm told that he has been unresponsive for quite a number of years. 

You might want to contact Mark Stosich at Estoteric Sound.

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He may have a replacement arm for the SL-1200 that will let you squeeze a 16-inch record, even though the tracking error is not optimum. 



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Has anyone developed a way of playing 16" discs on the Technics SL-1200-2?


Steve Smolian