Thanks for that link - I missed the 2016 conference. There obviously is a way to mount an arm for 16-inch records on an SL-1200, so I happily stand correct. 

But, remember that the SME 9-inch arms are not optimized for 16-inch records. While a 16-inch record may physically fit, the tracking error will be high at diameters beyond 12-inches. The photos showing the special 12-inch version of the Jelco SA-250 look good. This arm is long enough to properly play a 16-inch record with low tracking error at diameters beyond 12-inches. The 12-inch version of the SA-250 is not a normal part of the Jelco line, but Esoteric Sound sells one that Jelco custom modifies for them, which they sell as the Rek-O-Kut Transcribe tonearm. Nauck's Vintage Records also carries this arm:

An even better arm than the long version of the Jelco SA-250 is the SA-750E, which is a 12-inch arm with fluid damping built into the pivot. Esoteric sells this as the Rek-O-Kut S-240. Since the SA-250 and 750 have the same footprint, the 750 should fit without problems on those modified SL-1200 turntables. I use a Jelco SA-750E in my archive room at school and find it to be an excellent arm. I've also just ordered a 750D for my LP turntable at home. 

Incidentally, Mike Stosich, the proprietor of Esoteric Sound, acquired the rights to use the Rek-O-Kut name quite a few years ago. Esoteric is an entirely different company than the old Rek-O-Kut from the 1950s and 60s. 

An important thing to look for is the tonearm pivot-to-turntable spindle distance. If it's in the neighborhood of 210-225 mm, then the arm is optimized for 12-inch records. If it's more like 240 mm, the arm will properly accommodate 16-inch records. Jelco even makes an extra-long version of the SA-750, called the 750L, which has a pivot-to-spindle distance of 290 mm. This arm should play those 20-inch Pathés, but I seriously doubt that you'll ever fit it on an SL-1200. Esoteric sells this as the S-260-OD. 

The tonearms sold by Esoteric can be found here:

The Jelco web site also contains information on their tonearms:



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Yes, as demonstrated at the ARSC Convention 2016 !