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BIBFRAME supports the capability to provide information from an external
(non bibframe) namespace.

A bibframe Title, for example, is a resource of type bf:Title. If it were
intended that the object of property bf:title must always be in the
bibframe namespace then the range of bf:title would be bf:Title.  The range
of bf:title is unconstrained to allow its object to be some title resource
defined in a different namespace.

Setting a range on bf:title of bf:Title would *not* require that any
extensions used with that property must be defined in the bf:namespace.
What it says is that any value of bf:title is an instance of bf:Title *in
addition to* any other classes it might have. The type could be explicitly
 defined as a subclass of bf:Title (in any namespace desired), but even if
it weren't it would have to have all the properties of a bf:Title.

To re-emphasize, subclasses and subproperties do not have to be in the same
namespace as their parents.