Please come join us for the ALCTS  Role of Professional Librarian in Technical Services Interest Group (RPLTS IG) session in Atlanta!
The RPLTS IG will meet Saturday morning, January 21, 2017 10:30-11:30 a.m. in the Georgia World Congress Center (GWCC), A315.

There will be three presentations given:

1). “Technical Services and Public Services: Collaborative Decision Making” presented by Krista Schmidt, Research and Instruction Librarian/STEM Liaison & Kristin Calvert, Head of Content Organization & Management, Hunter Library, Western Carolina University.

For academic libraries, a shared budgetary and resource governance structure in an academic library provides technical and public services staff the opportunity to collaborate on collection development and management decisions and improves transparency in the decision-making process. For Western Carolina University, a medium-sized regional comprehensive university in North Carolina, the Collections Advisory Committee includes four technical services members and three members from public services. The committee reviews and provides recommendations on collections topics including policy decisions, budget allocations, the addition of new continuing resources or expensive one-time purchases, and the review and cancellation of continuing resources.  In our talk, we will discuss how this committee has collaborated on decision making, including budget and resource prioritization, the outcomes of these collaborations, and the benefits each department has experienced based on this collaboration.

2). “Technical Services Outreach – Facilitating Conversations and Collaboration in Your Library for the Benefit of All ” presented by Emily Sanford, Serials Catalog Librarian, Michigan State University Libraries.

The work of technical services units in libraries is foundational, but traditionally behind the scenes and somewhat shrouded in mystery to outsiders. The MSU Libraries Technical Services Unit, after the success of outreach efforts to prepare public services staff for RDA implementation, started to think about ways to continue the conversation by developing a series of presentations about our work. The informal series of talks sought to advocate for the work of the unit, while also sparking discussions with staff members in other parts of the library in order to facilitate collaboration and silo information breakdowns. This presentation will discuss the series and advocacy/collaboration efforts at the MSU Libraries.

3). “Picking Perfect Partners: Collaborations Within and Outside Technical Services by Mary Konkel, Head of Technical Services, College of DuPage Library.

The Internet and library systems and software have provided greater efficiencies within technical services. In addition, the shifting of human resources to meet the growing demand for additional staff in public services has contributed to the rightsizing of technical services departments. In order to do “more with less”, finding partners to collaborate on projects has been essential. These partnerships have also provided valuable cross-training opportunities. This presentation will highlight cataloging, processing, systems, collection development and reference activities and projects that  can be accomplished by picking the perfect partner. It’s not necessarily just for technical services anymore!


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