More or less, Simon, though personally I find it best to avoid mention of ‘indecs:expressions’ – the terminological confusion I alluded to. Indecs:expressions are events that happen to IP entities like works and manifestations, not IP entities in themselves.

<indecs> would consider HB and PB to be two different manifestations of the same indecs:work. And, since an indecs:work is roughly equivalent to a frbr:expression,  HB and PB are also two different manifestations of the same frbr:expression.

And what would <indecs> call a frbr:work? Well, there is no direct equivalent. But as in my original e-mail, a bunch of inter-related indecs:works would be (approximately) equivalent to a single frbr:work.


Graham Bell

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Graham, out of curiosity, what is the status of a hard copy book vs. a paperback of the same text? It looks like they would be separate works, based on your chart. If so, that is a different approach from the library world, where the content, not the container, determines the work, and even the expression (and in current data, even the manifestation). 

If I recall correctly, the indecs model would consider the different bindings of the same text to be different Manifestations that are infixations of the same expression.