Dear Ray,


Thanks for the clarification about bf:contributor, roles etc.


Can you give an overview of Library of Congress’ plans for development of BIBFRAME in 2017?


Best regards,


Leif Andresen

Royal Danish Library



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Emne: Re: [BIBFRAME] Recording roles with relator URIs and Bibframe 2.0


The confusion over roles, etc. is understandable; the documentation is somewhat out-of-date, we apologize for this and we will bring it up to date as soon as we can.  As we recently mentioned  we have been analyzing the BIBFRAME vocabulary over the past several  months in the process of developing conversion specs. As a result of that process there have been a few changes and  we will publish these as soon as possible.


Most notably:

-          Property bf:contributor no longer exists. All contributions are introduced via property bf:contribution (whose object is a bf:Contribution).

-          Property bf:role becomes an object property.  (A property of bf:Contribution.)

-           The relators vocabulary is NOT considered part of and will not be imported into the BIBFRAME ontology. Instead, LC will define an LC-specific ontology for our bibframe implementation, which will import the bibframe ontology as well as the relators.  (Again, apologies if this is not yet reflected in the ontology, it will be, as soon as possible.)


I hope this helps clear up some of the confusion.