The question, I think, comes down to this:  If there is a Work, in a given language – English for example -   and that work gets translated into a different language – French, for example;  are the English and French versions a single Work or separate Works.  (Is this a reasonable reformulation of the question?)

They are two different Works. They can be related to each another via property bf:hasTranslation, and its inverse, bf:translationOf.   So for example English is the original language of Guns of August and there is a French translation:

                             a                             bf:Work ;
                            hasTranslation        <> .


        a                             bf:Work ;
      isTranslationOf        <> .

I was hoping to come up with a real-life BIBFRAME example from our conversion, but unfortunately this idea doesn’t work well based on marc records, because although the marc record may tell you that there is a French translation, it doesn’t tell you where it is, and some sort of matching algorithm has to come into play.   We haven’t quite gotten that far yet, which is why I cannot produce a real example yet.

However, as a placeholder, say you have the English (original) and you simply want to express that there is a French translation (but you don’t yet know where):

                             a                             bf:Work ;
                            hasTranslation        [rdfs:label “French translation”  ] .

Please note that I have only considered the simple case where there is an original, and a translation of the original.   There are possible complicating factors:  There may not be one single “original” language; or there may be, but a particular translation isn’t translated directly from the original but rather from an intermediate translation.   I don’t have answers to these situations.


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Which of the following is valid (either, both…)?

•         If a Work has 2 Instances with different languages then there can be one Work record with 2 Instances and both languages should be in the Work record

•         If there are 2 Instances with different languages then there must be 2 Work records each with one Instance.

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