Probably more because we have few more weeks before the shipment. We are estimating about 300 boxes a shipment.  I did not include the LC boxes of which there are many.  Right now Wisconsin would receive a shipment of seven boxes that in the past may have been spread out for two months.


We worked hard to clear a space in the shipping and worked on the workflow.  At this time we plan to keep the plastic strapping, but that may change. Other offices use the filament strapping tape.


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Subject: Re: Shipping materials from Jakarta


Carol - Thanks very much for the update.  So all (approximately) 125 boxes on hand will be sent in the first shipment, correct?




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Subject: Shipping materials from Jakarta


Dear Participants,


In an email in December 2016, I notified you that a change in APO policy meant that we could no longer ship materials using APO. As a result, the Jakarta office was required to its mode of shipping materials. We investigated sea freight and courier and decided to use sea-freight just like New Delhi and Nairobi. The result is delayed shipping, but significant savings over using airfreight couriers like FedEx, DHL, and UPS. We estimate it may take 8-12 weeks from shipment for the materials to arrive at your library. For the time being there are no changes to shipments from Manila and Bangkok; they will still use APO.


We will aggregate the materials in our office until there are enough number of boxes to fill up a single 20 foot container. At this point, we estimate approximately six shipments a year or bi-monthly. For the most part, participants in the other programs have not found this to be a problem. On request, Jakarta can send material by courier. When requesting as title, please indicate if you would like the title rushed.


We expect to the first shipment to leave the office on February 2, 2017. Nothing will change in our policy of your addresses or separating materials by monograph and serials.


Here are some of the facts about the new ways we ship materials from now on:

1.       The office is using an Embassy contract for dispatch from Jakarta; this allowed us to forego a long contracting process. The destination port is Baltimore where the Library has a contract to transfer the crates (lift-vans) to the Library of Congress. From Library of Congress your boxes will be mailed through the USPS directly to your institutions. T

2.       Although your postages charges will be similar to those in the past, we have no exact figures for the freight and handling charges. As soon as we have sufficient data to estimate future costs, we will provide you with that information. I estimate, there will be two shipment prior to billing so hope we have sufficient data by that time.

3.       We did not use silicon in this first shipment. In the future, all individual boxes will have silicon packets.


If our estimates are correct, you should receive your first shipment late March to mid-April. In the future, your shipments will be larger. As of today, we have the following number of boxes on hand.  There will likely be a few more by the time we ship.



# of box



California - Berkeley


California - Los Angeles


Columbia Univ.






Harvard Univ.


Harvard Law












Univ. British Columbia


Univ. of North Carolina


Washington Univ.




Yale Univ.


Yale Divinity




There will be a lot more work for the staff here in Jakarta. I appreciate all the work they have done thus far to make this transition as smooth as possible. We are lucky to have both Delhi and Nairobi as models; we have learned from the best.


If you have further questions on this new shipping, please email.



Carol L. Mitchell, Ph.D.

Field Director

Southeast Asia Regional Office

Library of Congress

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