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January 2017

Consortia Newsletter

IGI Global values working closely with consortia worldwide as part of our commitment to sharing information science and technology research. We are excited to partner with consortia to support the transition from print titles to electronic holdings and research institutions to promote research collaborations.

IGI Global and Eduserv are collaborating to offer credits for IGI Global print titles and e-resources as an increasing number of member libraries choose to invest in IGI Global databases. The credits can be used towards both perpetual purchase and subscription database options. The Eduserv Chest Agreement offers IGI Global’s e-books, e-journals, and streaming videos. If your consortia is interested in developing a holding analysis and credit program for your member libraries, please contact the IGI Global e-resources team.

As we begin 2017, IGI Global is continuing unique research collaborations with several key organizations committed to bringing emerging technology research to users. A new research collaboration in Korea is bringing APAIS, SERSC and HSST researchers and faculty members access to IGI Global’s InfoSci-Journals database, as well as collaborative conferences, symposiums, and workshops.

Our partnerships with consortia include educational seminars for librarians and/or authors and valuable e-resources offerings. The specialized offerings include:

InfoSci-Books and Subject Databases of e-books
  3,400+ e-books in 11 different subject areas

  164+ scholarly e-journals

And our new InfoSci-Videos Collection
  Over 100+ academic video lectures

IGI Global is committed to sharing and showcasing innovation in the information science and technology field. This year, IGI Global has published work by Alexander Arman Serpen, a 16-year old researcher, in the International Journal of Biomedical and Clinical Engineering (IJBCE) called "Diagnosis Rule Extraction from Patient Data for Chronic Kidney Disease Using Machine Learning". In addition to providing emerging research from all ages, IGI Global has reintroduced the Outstanding Scholars Program in honor of the late Dr. Patricia Cranton, a scholar, mentor, and teacher to all.  The Outstanding Scholars Program will continue to honor editors and authors of outstanding merit, encouraging discoverability and connecting researchers with the greater global community. Like Dr. Cranton, these scholars are the driving force behind modern academic inquiry and research innovation. By recognizing these individuals for their commendable work and effort, IGI Global seeks to continue in their mission of disseminating knowledge to the worldwide academic community.

To schedule a meeting with IGI Global’s e-resources and consortia team, please contact [log in to unmask].

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IGI Global Would Like to Thank its Consortia Partners

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