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TG 260 .B732 1959

Borg, Sidney F., and Joseph J. Gennaro. 1959. *Advanced structural analysis*.
Princeton, N.J.: Van Nostrand. 368 p. Hbk. University series in civil
engineering and applied mechanics.

TG 260 .F524 1963

Firmage, D. Allan. 1963. *Fundamental theory of structures*. New York:
Wiley. 334 p. Hbk.

TG 260 .G75 1948       OCLC: 28 holders

Griffiths, John D. 1948. *Single span rigid frames in steel*. [New York]:
American Institute of Steel Construction. 29 p. Pbk.

TG 260 .G367 1963

Gere, James M. 1963. *Moment distribution*. Princeton, N.J.: Van Nostrand.
378 p. Hbk.

TG 260 .H174 1961

Hall, Arthur Stanley, and Ronald W. Woodhead. 1961. *Frame analysis*. New
York: Wiley. 247 p. Hbk.

TG 310 .A3 1973         OCLC: 48 holders

American Association of State Highway Officials. 1973. *Standard
specifications for highway bridges*. Washington, D.C.: American Association
of State Highway Officials. 11th ed. 469 p. Hbk.

TG 310 .A54 1989       OCLC: 47 holders

American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials.
1989. *Guide
specifications for bridge railings, 1989*. Washington, D.C.: American
Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials. 49 p. Pbk.

TG 315 .B75 1988       OCLC: 53 holders

American Welding Society, and American Association of State Highway and
Transportation Officials. 1988. *Bridge welding code*. Miami, FL: American
Welding Society. 220 p. Pbk. ANSI/AASHTO/ASW D.1.5-88.

TG 315 .I11 1982         OCLC: 15 holders

IABSE Symposium. 1982. *Maintenance, repair and rehabilitation of bridges:
final report = Entretien, réparation et modification des ponts : rapport
final = Unterhaltung, Instandsetzung und Sanierung von Brücken :
Schlussbericht*. Zürich, Switzerland: International Association for Bridge
and Structural Engineering. 180 p. Pbk. IABSE reports 39. In cooperation
with ACI, AISC, AISI and others.

TG 320 .H35 1979       OCLC: 64 holders

Hambly, Edmund C. 1979. *Bridge foundations and substructures*. London:
H.M. Stationery Off. 93 p. Pbk. Building Research Establishment report.

TG 320 .J366 1963      OCLC: One holder

Janopaul, Robert N. 1963. *Seismic analysis of suspension bridge piers*.
~22 p. Photocopy.

TG 320 .L377 1963      OCLC: One holder

Laursen, Emmett M. 1963. *Some aspects of the problem of scour at bridge
crossings*. Jackson, Miss: Federal Inter-Agency Sedimentation Conference.
19 p. Pbk.

TG 325 .M37 1971      OCLC: No holders

Marche, René, and Yves Lacroix. 1971. *Stabilité des culées de ponts
etablies sur des pieux traversant une couche molle = (Stability of an
abutment for a stable bridge of a transverse pile on a soft layer)*.
Montréal: Ecole Polytechnique. ~50 p. Pbk. Text in French.

TG 325.6 .H199 1976

Hambly, Edmund C. 1976. *Bridge deck behaviour*. London: Chapman and Hall.
272 p. Hbk.

TG 325.6 .M374 1988             OCLC: 3 holders

Marks, Vernon J. 1988. *High molecular weight methacrylate sealing of a
bridge deck*. Ames, Iowa: Highway Division, Iowa Dept. of Transportation.
32 p. Photocopy. Construction report for Iowa DOT project HR-2031, FHWA
Project DTFH71-86-948-IA-25.

TG 326 .A512 1963

American Institute of Steel Construction. 1963. *Design manual for
orthotropic steel plate deck bridges*. 188+ p. Hbk.

TG 335 .B972 1998     OCLC: 21 holders

Burrows, Richard W. 1998. *The visible and invisible cracking of concrete*.
Farmington Hills, Mich: ACI International. 78 p. Pbk. American Concree
Institute monograph no. 11.

TG 335 .H46 1984

Heins, Conrad P., and Richard A. Lawrie. 1984. *Design of modern concrete
highway bridges*. New York: J. Wiley. 635 p. Hbk. A Wiley-Interscience

TG 335 .I61 1967

International Symposium on Concrete Bridge Design. 1969. *Concrete bridge
design*. Detroit: American Concrete Institute. 921 p. Pbk. ACI Special
Publication 23.

TG 335 .P52 1970        OCLC: 17 holders

Portland Cement Association. 1970. *Durability of concrete bridge decks: a
cooperative study : Final report*. Skokie, Ill: The Association. 35 p. Pbk.
A cooperative study with California Division of Highways, Illinois Dept. of
Public Works and Buildings, State Highway Commission of Kansas and others.

TG 335 .P49 D48 1986                        OCLC: 3 holders

Pezze, Frank P. 1986. *Development length of grouted rebars*. Albany, N.Y.:
Engineering Research and Development Bureau, New York State Dept. of
Transportation. 27 p.  Photocopy. Special report 84. Report

TG 335 .P942p 1975    OCLC: 53 holders

Prestressed Concrete Institute. 1975. *Precast, prestressed concrete short
span bridges: spans to 100 feet*. Chicago: PCI. 1st ed. ~40 leaves. Pbk.

TG 340 .A512 1977     OCLC: 61 holders

ACI Committee 443, Concrete Bridge Design. 1977. *Analysis and design of
reinforced concrete bridge structures*. Detroit: ACI. 116 p. Pbk. ACI
Committee report. 2 copies.

TG 340 .P326 1969      OCLC: 63 holders

Paulet, E. G. 1969. *Strength and serviceability criteria: reinforced
concrete bridge members: ultimate design*. Washington: U.S. Bureau of
Public Roads; for sale by the Supt. of Docs., U.S. Govt. Print. Off. 2nd
ed. 97 p. Pbk.

TG 340 .N377 1983     OCLC: 30 holders

Burton, Joe. 1983. *A New look at short span reinforced concrete bridges*.
Schaumburg, IL (933 N. Plum Grove Rd., Schaumburg 60195): Concrete
Reinforcing Steel Institute. 37 p. Pbk.

TG 340 .P54 1987

United States, and Wiss, Janney, Elstner, and Associates. 1987. *Protective
systems for new prestressed and substructure concrete*. McLean, Va: U.S.
Dept. of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration. 126 p. Photocopy.
FHWA/RD-86/193. Contract DTFH61-83-C-00085.

TG 340 .P67 1960        OCLC: 18 holders

Portland Cement Association, and Alan H. Mattock. 1960. *Precast-prestressed
concrete bridges: a series of seven papers*. Skokie, Ill: The Association.
1 vol. Hbk. Volume made up of an introductory paper and the Department's
Bulletins D34, D35, D43, D45, D46, D51.

TG 340 .R879 1962

Rowe, Roy Edward. 1962. *Concrete bridge design*. London: C.R. Books. 336
p. Hbk.

TG 340 .R879 1962 Suppl

Rowe, Roy Edward. 1962. *Concrete bridge design. Supplement. Design curves*.
London: C.R. Books. 4 p. with 34 folded diagrams. Hbk.

TG 340 .T241 1939

Taylor, Frederick Winslow, Sanford E. Thompson, and Edward Smulski.
1939. *Reinforced-concrete
bridges with formulas applicable to structural steel and concrete*. New
York: J. Wiley & Sons, Inc. 456 p. Hbk.

TG 350 .I96 1958

Iwiński, T. 1958. *Theory of beams; the application of the Laplace
transformation method to engineering problems*. New York: Pergamon Press.
85 p. Hbk.

TG 350 .K64 1953

Kleinlogel, Adolf. 1953. *Beam formulas*. New York: F. Ungar Pub. Co. 143
p. Hbk.

TG 355 .B791 1958

Boyer, Walter C., and Joel I. Abrams. 1958. *Influence Lines for continuous
beams*. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins Press. 3 pts. In 1. Pbk.

TG 362 .B370 1978     OCLC: 32 holders

Barker, James M. 1978. *Post-tensioned box girder bridge manual*. Phoenix:
Post-Tensioning Institute. 146 p. Pbk.

TG 362 .B7 1972         OCLC: One holder

Brown, Robert Craig. 1972. *Computer analysis of segmentally constructed
prestressed box girders*. 263 leaves. Photocopy. Thesis-Ph.D.- University
of Texas at Austin.

TG 362 .D317

Degenkolb, Oris H. 1977. *Concrete box girder bridges*. Ames: Iowa State
University Press. 106 p. Hbk. ACI monograph no. 10.

TG 362 .M34 1974      OCLC: 18 holders

Maisel, B. I., and F. Roll. 1974. *Methods of analysis and design of
concrete boxbeams with side cantilevers: Technical report*. London: Cement
and Concrete Association. 176 p. Pbk. CI/Sfb/Hf/(k). UDC 624. 072. 46:624.
04. 42.494.

TG 362 .P73 1978        OCLC: 68 holders

Post-Tensioning Institute. 1978. *Precast segmental box girder bridge
manual*. Glenview, Ill: Post-Tensioning Institute. 116 p. Pbk.

TG 362 .P85 1972

Pulmano, V. A. 1972. *Analysis of simply supported box-girder bridges*.
Kensington, N.S.W.: University of New South Wales, School of Civil
Engineering. 34 leaves. Pbk. UNICIV report no. R-98.

TG 380 .E55 1991        OCLC: 20 holders

Appleman, Bernard R. 1991. *Effect of surface contaminants on coating life*.
McLean, Va: Federal Highway Administration. 242 p. Pbk. Contract
DTFN61-88-C-00027. FHWA-RD-91-011.

TG 380 .E55 1991a      OCLC: One holder

Boocock, Simon K. 1991. *Effect of surface contaminants on coating life*.
Pittsburgh, PA: Steel Structures Painting Council. 134 p. Pbk. FHWA
Contract no. DTFH61-88-C-00027. SSPC #91-07.