Ballot Closes February 4!

Voting for the FEDLINK Advisory Board

Federal employees who are currently assigned to a federal library or information center are eligible to vote in this election.

Please review the nominees and use this ballot<> to vote for five new members of the FEDLINK Advisory Council. Those elected to the FAB will serve for three-year terms for calendar years 2017-2019.

We are requesting your contact information at the end to help us validate the vote.

Background: Originally established by the Librarian of Congress in 1963 as the Federal Library Committee (later the Federal Library and Information Center Committee or "FLICC"), FEDLINK continues in recognition of the need for cooperation and concerted action within the community of federal libraries and information centers in the 21st century. In 2001, the Congress established a statutory revolving fund under 2 U.S.C.  182c to support FEDLINK interagency procurement and library support efforts. In 2012, the FLICC membership voted to change the bylaws governing FLICC and its oversight of the FEDLINK procurement program to streamline administration and expand formal membership. More information is available in the email that transmitted the link to this election site, and, as noted there, a copy of the bylaws is available at

Thank you for your participation.

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