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HE 203 .T43 no.67-8F 1969     OCLC: 7 holders

McCully, Wayne G., and William J. Bowmer. 1969. Erosion control on roadsides in Texas. College Station, Tex: Texas Transportation Institute, Texas A & M University. 33 p. Photocopy. Research report / Texas Transportation Institute 67-8F. Establishment and Maintenance of Vegetation on Highway Rights of Way. Research Project 2-18-63-67.


HE 203 .T43 no.125-4 1970    OCLC: 13 holders

Perdue, George W., and Harry M. Coyle. 1970. In-situ measurements of friction and bearing correlated with instrumented pile tests. College Station, Tex: Texas Transportation Institute, Texas A & M University. 75 p. Photocopy. Research report / Texas Transportation Institute 125-4. Bearing capacity for axially loaded piles, Research Study no. 2-5-67-125.


HE 203 .T43 no.142-1 1970    OCLC: 8 holders

McCully, Wayne G., James L. Stubbendieck, and William J. Bowmer. 1970. Problems in establishing or maintaining vegetation on roadsides. College Station, Tex: Texas Transportation Institute, Texas A & M University. 18 p. Pbk. Research report / Texas Transportation Institute 142-1F. Establishment and management of roadside vegetation, research project 2-18-69-142. Sponsored by the Texas Highway Department in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration.


HE 203 .T43 no.169-1 1971    OCLC: 12 holders

Texas Transportation Institute, and David A. Corbett. 1971. Evaluation of pressure cells used for field measurements of lateral earth pressures on retaining walls. 50 p. Pbk. Research report / Texas Transportation Institute 169-1. 1st report on Research study no. 2-5-70-169, Determination of lateral earth pressure for use in retaining wall design, conducted by the Texas Transportation Institute and sponsored by the Texas Highway Dept. and the Federal Highway Administration under the Cooperative highway research program.


HE 308 .T736 1972      OCLC: No holders

United States, and Applied Decision Systems. 1972. The transportation planning laboratory: final report. Wellesley Hills, Mass: Applied Decision Systems. ~90 p. Pbk. Report No. DOT-OS-00053.


HE 309 .M4 no.MA 06-0025-78-2 1977

Birkmyer, James. 1977. Rapid transit subways: guidelines for engineering new installations for reduced maintenance. Washington, DC: Office of Rail Technology. 1 vol. Photocopy. Contract no.: DOT-TSC-1078. Report no. UMTA-MA-06-0025-78-2.


HE 309 .M4 no.MA 06-0100-79-11 1979        OCLC: No holders?

Foster-Miller Associates, and United States. 1979. Extruded tunnel lining system, phase I, conceptual design and feasibility testing: final report. Waltham, Mass: Foster-Miller Associates. ~200 p. Pbk. UMTA, MA-06-0100-79-11. Contract no. DOT-TSC-1516.


HE 336 .U74 P47 1962            OCLC: No holders

Moncla, E. E. 1962. Permit requirements: roads and railroads. [Place of publication not identified]: Ford, Bacon, & Davis Construction Corporation. 11 leaves. Pbk. Paper for ASCE Transportation Engineering Conference, Detroit, October 1962.


HE 355 .N277 1965

National Research Council (U.S.). 1965. Highway capacity manual, 1965. Washington: Highway Research Board of the Division of Engineering and Industrial Research, National Academy of Sciences-National Research Council. 397 p. Pbk. Highway Research Board Special report 87. National Research Council Publication 1328.


HE 357 .Z6 O53 1968  OCLC: 10 holders

Schonfeld, R. 1968. The constant dry weight method - a no-weighing field compaction test. [Downsview, Ont.]: Dept. of Highways. 20 p. Pbk. D.H.O. report no. RR141.


HE 370 .U58 1977

Traffic Safety Programs (U.S.). 1977. Glossary of terms for use in publications of traffic safety programs. Washington: [Dept. of Transportation], National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Traffic Safety Programs. 36 p. Pbk. DOT HS-802 537.


TE 7 .N28 no.41 1972  OCLC: 5 holders

Montano, Joseph M. 1972. Trial strategy and techniques to exclude noncompensable damages and improper valuation methods in eminent domain cases. Washington, D.C.: Transportation Research Board, National Research Council. 24 p. Pbk. Research results digest - National Cooperative Highway Research Program 41.


TE 24 .T4 T39 1982     OCLC: 27 holders

Texas. 1982. Standard specifications for construction of highways, streets, and bridges: adopted by the State Department of Highways and Public Transportation, September 1, 1982. [Austin]: The Department. 900 p. Pbk. Spine title: Texas standard specifications, 1982.


TE 24.2 .A2 no.80/93 1980     OCLC: 10 holders

Rosser, Gregory K., and Raymond K. Moore. 1980. Lime treatment of Alabama black-belt soils: final report. Montgomery, Ala: State of Alabama Highway Dept. 111 p. Pbk. Alabama highway research, HPR no. 93, Project no. 930-095.


TE 24.2 .A6 no.85-240 1985    OCLC: 8 holders

Collins, Chester F., Matthew W. Flick, and Frank R. McCullagh. 1985. Evaluation of automated coordinatograph and attendant photogrammetric procedures for highway design mapping. Phoenix, Ariz: Arizona Dept. of Transportation. 14 leaves. Pbk. Report no. FHWA/AZ 85/240.


TE 24.2 .A6 no.145 1975         OCLC: 3 holders

Mancini, Frank P., and Charles E. O'Bannon. 1975. Field stabilization of Chinle clay by electro-osmosis and base exchange of ions. Phoenix: Arizona Dept. of Transportation. 124 p. Pbk. Final report FHWA-AZ-RD-13 (145).


TE 24.2 .C2 no.632857 1978   OCLC: 11 holders

Champion, F. C. 1978. Improved nuclear gage development, final report. Sacramento: California Dept. of Transportation. ~50 p. Pbk. Final report, December 1978. Report no. FHWA-CA-TL-78-35.


TE 24.2 .K4 no.81-7 1981        OCLC: 4 holders

Gorman, C. Thomas. 1981. Strain-rate selection in the constant-rate-of-strain consolidation test. Lexington, Ky: Kentucky Transportation Research Program, College of Engineering, University of Kentucky. 16 p. Pbk. Research report UKTRP-81-7.


TE 24.2 .L8 no.76-106 1977    OCLC: 8 holders

Law, Sheldon M. 1977. Statistical evaluation of rainfall-simulator and erosion testing procedure: final report. [Baton Rouge, La.]: Louisiana Dept. of Transportation and Development, Office of Highways, Research and Development Section. 34 p. Pbk. Research report no. 74-2M(B), State Project no. 736-03-09. Louisiana HPR 1 (14).


TE 24.2 .N9 no.81-80 1981     OCLC: 16 holders

Rossiter, Judith A., and Richard D. Crawford. 1981. Evaluation of constructed ponds as a means of replacing natural wetland habitat affected by highway projects in North Dakota. Grand Forks, N.D.: University of North Dakota, Dept. of Biology. 171 p. Pbk. Final report. FHWA-ND-Rd-(2)-79A, State Study (2)-79(A).


TE 145 .H598K 1996

Wright, Paul H. 1996. Highway engineering. New York: John Wiley. 6th ed. 680 p. Hbk.


TE 145 .U57 1966        OCLC: 52 holders

United States. 1966. Presplitting a controlled blasting technique for rock cuts. Washington: U.S. Bureau of Public Roads; for sale by the Supt. of Docs., U.S. Govt. Print. Off. 36 p. Pbk. Research & Development report.


TE 148 .F293 1977      OCLC: 68 holders

Federally Coordinated Program of Highway Research and Development Conference, and James W. March. 1978. The use of economic and land use models in transportation planning: proceedings of a panel discussion held at the 1977 Federally Coordinated Program of Highway Research and Development Conference held in Columbus, Ohio. Washington: U.S. Dept. of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration, Socio-Economic Studies Division. 156 p. Pbk. FHWA/PL/78/013, HPP-42. Staff report.


TE 151 .A512k 1978    OCLC: 7 holders

American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials. 1979. Guide specifications for highway construction: approved for printing by the Executive Committee on October 28, 1978. Washington: The Association. 4th ed. 173 p. Hbk. 2 copies.


TE 153 .C153 1970      OCLC: 62 holders

California. Dept. of Transporation. 1970. Bank and shore protection in California highway practice. 423 p. Pbk.



TE 153 .H628 1959

Hickerson, Thomas Felix. 1959. Route surveys and design. New York: McGraw-Hill. 568 p. Hbk. 2 copies.