NLS Operations Alert  No. 17-09


DATE:                    January 19, 2017

TO:                         Network Libraries

FROM:                  Stephen Prine, Assistant Chief, Network Division

SUBJECT:             Patron Transfers


Libraries are reminded that when they transfer a patron in PIMMS, they should also transfer the patron’s equipment and BARD account.


A library may transfer reading interests, requests, and records electronically to another library using the same circulation system, if the vendor has provided this function. If the vendor has not or if transferring to a network library using a different circulation system, please send patron information and records to the gaining library. This information may be provided in an Excel form, if feasible. The patron transfer form (see attachment) may also be used. The original application may also be scanned and sent by email or faxed.


Your attention to this process will ensure better service for patrons transferring to or from your library.


The long-term goal is to improve the process of transferring a patron to another library so that it requires only two steps: first, transfer the patron in PIMMS, and second, transfer all other patron information electronically through a portal. NLS is beginning work on this improvement with the circulation system representatives. More information will be shared when it is available.


With the circulation systems’ migration to PIMMS nearing completion, and with the ability of PIMMS to autocorrect discrepancies in data, poorly handled transfers of equipment or patrons will cause inconsistencies in PIMMS data, which will show up as discrepancies in the auto-reconciliation processes. Handling transfers properly will avoid these problems.


Attachment: Patron transfer form patronTransfer.pdf.


For more information contact:


Stephen Prine

Assistant Chief, Network Division

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