Hi Sofia – apologies for taking so long to respond; this is an area of some confusion and I’ve been trying to sort it out (and still working on it).


bf:originalVersion,  for the LC marc to bibframe mapping,  corresponds to marc  534.  When I search for marc records with that field I find that for the most part  they all seem to be sound recordings, maps, paintings, etc.  When we convert one of these marc records (disclaimer: our converter isn’t completely finished so anything I say about it is still tentative) we normally get one Work and two Instance, where one instance declares itself to be the original version of the other, and the other claims the first to be the original.


I can show you an example.  See the following marc record  …..



And see the attached BIBFRAME PDF file – this is roughly what we think this records will convert to.


  I have excerpted the relevant parts:



       a                                      bf:Work, bf:Cartography  ;

     bf:GenreForm        http://id.loc.gov/vocabulary/marcgt/map  ;

     bf:title  [rdfs:label "Standard road map of New Jersey and contiguous territory “]


bf:hasInstance  <http://example.org/5483878#Instance534-24>  .

bf:hasInstance <http://example.org/5483878#Instance>



      a                              bf:Instance ;

     bf:instanceOf          <http://example.org/5483878#Work>

     bf:title                       [rdfs:label "Standard road map of New Jersey and contiguous territory “]

       bf:originalVersionOf    <http://example.org/5483878#Instance> .



< http://example.org/5483878#Instance>      

       a                                           bf:Instance

bf:title                             [rdfs:label "Standard road map of New Jersey and contiguous territory “]

bf:originalVersion                 <http://example.org/5483878#Instance534-24> .




Given this, I think it is most likely the case that  both bf:versionOf and bf:originalVersion are  Instance to Instance and do not involve Works.  I will continue to investigate this, and in particular, the subproperty issues that you raise.   


Thank you for your patience, and for bringing this to our attention.





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Happy new year to all!

I'm Sofia Zapounidou, PhD student from Greece. 


I would like your help regarding semantics and use of the bf:originalVersionOf property. This property has both Work and Instance as domain and range values. 


At the Work level

Bf:originalVersionOf is sub property of  bf:hasDerivative. I cannot understand the specialized meaning it offers. What is the difference between

Work -hasDerivative - Work and

Work -originalVersionOf -Work?


In the relationships discussion paper (currently under revision) states that this property is used at the Work class level when "Instance is the original version of which this resource is a reproduction". So even though it is a sub property for derivation it is associated with reproduction. 


At the Instance level

What is the meaning of the following sentence? 

Instance - originalVersionOf - Instance ?


Does the property refer to derivation or reproduction? If it refers to derivation, can you please give me an example? If it refers to reproduction what is the semantic difference with the property bf:reproduction? 


Thanks again for your time and may we all have a prosperous 2017!


Best regards