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Subject: [BIBFRAME] Nancy's music definitions, etc.


Ray, I am having trouble hitching up the new definitions Nance sent in. 

MusicPlate is okay

MatrixNumber changes from a definition that is associated with another identifier (MusicPublisherNumber).  I think that the lined out def I have on a printout from you is really a suggested revision of MusicPublisherNumber and there is also a suggested slight revision of the MatrixNumber definition.  That is what I am going to do

I need a clear distinction between the MusicPublisherNumber and a MusicAVDistributorNumber.  The latter includes in its definition "publication of notated music" which would appear to be MusicPublisherNumber.  Cn you ask Nance to clarify that in the new definition?

What is a VideoGamePlatformIdentifier?  Is the platform being cataloged and this is its identifier, or is a game being cataloged and this is a platform it plays on?  In the latter case we would treat the platforms as members of a list of platforms and specify "codes, i.e., names" for the members.  The codes could be sort of like identifiers.  An example from RDA for video recording format is  



Betacam SP




8 mm

Hi-8 mm

Laser optical




Type C


 Is that what they need?