Hi Jeff,

I have been trying to address the issue to "justify our existence" for years.  The key is to meet relevance challenge.   One campaign that I called for at this ALA Midwinter Meetings in Atlanta was D-Lib Research Penetration with BIBFRAME 2.0.  

As far as I am concerned, for academic and research libraries, D-Lib Research Penetration should be embedded into the digital life of faculty, students and the learning community that a library serves without compromising information security, privacy, copyright and other legal and regulative requirements, similar to what currently broadband does to the mass.  

This calls for agility in content delivery and library information spotlight.  BIBFRAME and linked data will enable development teams within and outside the library communities to develop linked data application quickly.  We proved that during 2016 Midwest Big Data Hackathon.  

You can find a copy of my presentation from ALA Connect: http://connect.ala.org/node/262645..  Let's work together to make BIBFRAME and linked data a reality for libraries.  This is just one perspective for our survival strategy in the 21st century.  

LITA/ALCTS Linked Library Data Interest Group Meeting: Linked Data For Real. Time: Saturday, January 21, 2017, 8:30-10:00 AM. Location: Georgia World Congress Center ...




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Thanks Gordon.

I've been watching the French "transition bibliographique" with much

In terms of Linked Data, they seem eons ahead of the US. I envy the
importance the French (and, more broadly, the Europeans) place on
cultural heritage institutions and their willingness to fund libraries
as an obvious public good.

Over here, in the US, we're being called upon to justify our existence.


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>Page 41: The outcome of this work is a new cataloguing code (RDA FR),
>aims to adapt the international RDA (Resource Description and Access)
>to French cataloguing practices, thus allowing gradual adoption
Training and
>awareness raising actions among professionals such as library system
>will be carried out, in order to support change over an estimated
period of
>10 years.