Thanks a lot, Karen!  

For Jeff, in fall 2016, I participated in a series of webinars called "From MARC to BIBFRAME: Linked Data on the Ground."  The webinars were sponsored by ALCTS.  You can find the webinars from     The speakers of the webinars discussed the status of BIBFRAME implementation at their libraries.  I am wondering if it is a good idea for you to reach out to the speakers of the webinars.  It might help you prepare for your presentation from different perspectives.  

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On 2/1/17 1:25 PM, Jeff Edmunds wrote:
> On Wed, 1 Feb 2017 12:43:33 -0800, Karen Coyle <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
>> Widely adopted means? By whom?
> Widely adopted = adopted by a majority of libraries (of which, in the 
> US, according to ALA, there are approximately 119,000, the vast 
> majority of which use MARC now)
>> What if some people use MARC, some use, some use 
>> BIBFRAME, some use RDA in RDF, others use Dublin Core, still others 
>> use the DPLA data format, yet all exchange data? Would that be a failure?
> That's fine of course, but you're muddying the waters: my claim is 
> that NO ONE (or virtually no one) will use BIBFRAME. It is impractical.
Well, you're already wrong. Are you aware of that? Have you looked at the "LD" projects? [1]

Honestly, I think you're getting yourself into a hole. Someone else in our profession did the same thing, claiming that Dublin Core was a failure. That person did not seem to know about libraries, archives, and others who were using it, or that it's the 2nd most used vocabulary in the linked data space, after RDF itself. You'd better have the facts to back up your thoughts.

> Jeff

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