See for the GAMECIP controlled list of game platforms.  Wikipedia also has a nice list at

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Comparison of gaming platforms - Wikipedia<>
Note: Most of these platforms support HID-compliant keyboards, but usually only as methods for entering text. Rarely, console games support input from keyboards and ...

GAMECIP Controlled Vocabularies | GAMECIP<>
The GAMECIP project has been working on two controlled vocabularies for computer game platforms and computer game media formats. Both draft vocabularies are now ...

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I'm going to hazard a guess and say that 'VideoGamePlatformIdentifier'
comes into relevance when yes, either cataloging a game or a piece of
music that originated in a video game. In which case, I would believe
the value would be from a controlled value list of strings ("Sega
Genesis"), or else a URI like

Although, this could all be incorrect :)


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><div style="FONT-FAMILY: Arial; COLOR: rgb(0, 0, 0); FONT-SIZE: 16px">
<div></div><div style="font-size:12;font-family:arial;color:#000000;">
<div class="WordSection1"><div style="border:none;border-left:solid blue
1.5pt;padding:0in 0in 0in 4.0pt"><div><div><div><div><div><p
class="MsoNormal">Ray, I am having trouble hitching up the new
definitions Nance sent in.&nbsp; </p><p class="MsoNormal">MusicPlate is
okay</p><p class="MsoNormal">MatrixNumber changes from a definition that
is associated with another identifier (MusicPublisherNumber).&nbsp; I
think that the lined out def I have on a printout from you is really a
suggested revision of MusicPublisherNumber and there is also a suggested
slight revision of the MatrixNumber definition.&nbsp; That is what I am
going to do</p><p class="MsoNormal">.&nbsp;</p><p class="MsoNormal">I
need a clear distinction between the MusicPublisherNumber and a
MusicAVDistributorNumber.&nbsp; The latter includes in its definition
&quot;publication of notated music&quot; which would appear to&amp;nbsp;be
MusicPublisherNumber.&nbsp; Cn you ask Nance to clarify that in the new
definition?</p><p class="MsoNormal"></p><p class="MsoNormal">What is a
VideoGamePlatformIdentifier?&nbsp; Is the platform being cataloged and
this is its identifier, or is a game being cataloged and this is a
platform it plays on?&nbsp; In the latter case we would treat the
platforms as&nbsp;members of a list of platforms and specify
&quot;codes, i.e., names&quot; for the members.&nbsp;&nbsp;The codes
could be sort of like identifiers.&nbsp; An&nbsp;example from RDA for
video recording format is&nbsp;&nbsp;</p><div class="member clear
listitem prepend-1" id="rda3-6844">Beta</div><div class="member clear
listitem prepend-1" id="rda3-6845">Betacam</div><div class="member clear
listitem prepend-1" id="rda3-6846">Betacam SP</div><div class="member
clear listitem prepend-1" id="rda3-6847">CED</div><div class="member
clear listitem prepend-1" id="rda3-6848">D-2</div><div class="member
clear listitem prepend-1" id="rda3-6849">EIAJ</div><div class="member
clear listitem prepend-1" id="rda3-6850">8 mm</div><div class="member
clear listitem prepend-1" id="rda3-6851">Hi-8 mm</div><div class="member
clear listitem prepend-1" id="rda3-6852">Laser optical</div><div
class="member clear listitem prepend-1" id="rda3-6853">M-II</div><div
class="member clear listitem prepend-1" id="rda3-6854">Quadruplex</div>
<div class="member clear listitem prepend-1" id="rda3-6855">Super-
VHS</div><div class="member clear listitem prepend-1" id="rda3-
6856">Type C</div><div class="member clear listitem prepend-1" id="rda3-
6857">U-matic </div><p class="MsoNormal"></p><p
class="MsoNormal">&nbsp;Is that what they need?&nbsp; </p><p
class="MsoNormal"></p><p class="MsoNormal">Sally</p></div></div></div>