This is the last week to catch the early-bird rate for the New England
Archivists Spring 2017 Meeting. And now you can see all of the events,
speakers, and sessions going on over the three-day meeting on the NEA

Take a moment to look through the updated Schedule-at-a-Glance
<> to learn more about:
-- Day of Service projects*
-- Workshops
-- plenary speakers Michael Lesy
<> (Friday) and K.J. Rawson
<> (Saturday)
-- Two full days of thought-provoking sessions.

*Details on how to sign-up for the Day of Service projects will be
announced this week.

The Resort and Conference Center at Hyannis
<> is best accessed by car.
If you are looking for a ride to the meeting, or if you are willing to
share a spot in your car in exchange for fine company (and/or gas money), we've
created an online, self-service carpooling sign-up sheet
you can connect with other members looking to share a ride. Just enter your
name and contact info, when and from where you're traveling, and whether
you're a driver (with a car) or a rider. Then wait to be contacted by other
carpoolers, or go ahead and contact others who list pick-up locations and
dates in line with your travel plans.

*Please note that attendees are entirely responsible for making their own
rideshare arrangements, including meeting times, sharing the cost of gas,
etc., and following through with their plans.*

*NEA Spring 2017 Meeting* <>
"Changing Tides" | March 23-25, 2017
Cape Cod Resort and Conference Center at Hyannis
Early-bird registration is open
<>through February 19th.
See the NEA website for schedules
<>, rates
<>, and travel
information <>.

See you in Hyannis!

New England Archivists
Communications Committee