Thank you, I will read the API documentation and so we can talk about it. :)


Ricardo Sodré Andrade
Archives World Map maintainer
Archivist, MSc, PhD student

Em 09/02/2017 10:21, Dongen, Wim van escreveu:
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Hi Ricardo,


Thank you so much for your positive answer.


We are working on API services also (see:, but not for providing full EAG information yet, however we could take that on of course.


About the EAG standard: it has a lot of possibilities, but there are only a few elements mandatory and most of the EAG/XML files in our portal contain only the basic information on the archival institutions, so I think a mapping from these EAG files to your database should not be that difficult and I could provide some sample files for that. In addition: the standard supports multilingualism.


Best wishes,


Wim van Dongen

Archives Portal Europe Foundation


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Hi all,

Your idea is fantastic.

I started to develop an API (you can see the first step of the API in progress in to provide data for reuse in Json ( format.

The autocomplete search engine of Archives World Map uses its own API. So, the Map is a data provider (giving data as Json content) and a service provider (using the data harvested by API to offer the search feature). In future, third applications/websites will have a complete API to access directly the Map data and provide new or renovated services using it.

I will read about EAG standard and try put a harvester feature in the todo list (the possibility to contributors edit institution data was already planned but the resources of project is a kind of limited).

Support for the project is highly welcome, as said in About page - :)

Best regards,

Ricardo Sodré Andrade
Archives World Map maintainer
Archivist, MSc, PhD student

Em 09/02/2017 09:28, Dongen, Wim van escreveu:

Hi Daniel, Ricardo, all,


This is a great initiative which I fully support.


Since it is based on the ISDIAH standard I was wondering whether it could make use of EAG/XML files for data exchange. Then it would be possible for the more than 6000 European archival institutions that have already provided this kind of information to the Archives Portal Europe (see: to easily forward their information. One step further would then be to set up automatic harvesting to enable archival institutions to keep their information updated in one place – either in our portal or in any other one that uses the EAG/XML standard – to be sure that it will also be available/updated elsewhere, like in the Arquivista Archives World Map, following the principle: “ingest once, aggregate/re-use anywhere” J.


More information on the EAG standard – originally created by our Spanish colleagues and further developed by the Archives Portal Europe projects – can be found in our wiki:     


Best wishes,


Wim van Dongen

Archives Portal Europe Foundation



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I pass this along to the EAD list and encourage all to take a few moments to “put their archive on the map.” 



Daniel Pitti

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I am happy to announce today the release of the Archives World Map (, an open and collaborative project to map every archival institutions in our planet. The objective sounds too much ambitious but with the efforts of many people we can go far from here.

At homepage you can access a map with all institutions which has an archive available to public access in our database.

Anyone can collaborate adding an institution using our form at the website. After the project maintainer check the data he will turn it available as fast as possible. The database is free to use and I expect to provide in few time a method to let other projects use our data. I wish to add new features in future and you can help to make it possible (check the "About" page).

The Archives World Map still be in beta stage and some bugs are living in our layout code but the database is stable enough to receive and store the data to be used for many years ahead.

You can help to translate (or correct) the website and software texts into your language also. To help in this way just send an email to the maintainer.

Now you can start checking our map or adding your (and others) institutions! :)

Best regards,

Ricardo Sodré Andrade
Archives World Map maintainer
Archivist, MSc, PhD student


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