The Bureau of Reclamation Denver Library is weeding 90% of its collection.

We will gladly ship for free.

Some items may need TLC.

Please respond by Feb. 22th 2017 to [log in to unmask]
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requests from the list below. Include the subject line in your request.

If you are in need of an item, please check our catalog to see if we have a
replacement copy for you. Go to: *Bureau of Reclamation Library Catalog*

Thank you for looking!

Hello all,

We are looking for a library that would be interested in receiving our
Reclamation Translation collection.

These are journal articles that were translated from Russian, French, German,
Spanish, and Italian into the English language roughly between the 1930's
to 1994 timeframe. Most of them have the original article along with the
translation. We have 25 shelves @ 33" per shelf.

We are running out of time and need the shelf space for other books in our
collection. Thank you for your time and looking forward to hearing from you
soon! If anyone has questions about these please feel free to ask.

Also, they are still in our library catalog if you are interested in
viewing the titles ect.


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