Thanks for making me look!  Don't recall ever hearing of COSUGI.  And now
that I've Googled; it's been a long time since I've run a Sirsi box.

I've been a Fed beginning in 2001 with the Navy and now with the Army.
Military Librarians Division/SLA used to be my standard.  The librarian's
population and business along with the SLA's membership, has changed.  I no
longer regularly attend the national SLA but do connect with colleagues at
the MLTW, the division's every other year meeting.

For systems interests I recommend CIL

2016, I tried Internet Librarian, a similar format.  I much prefer CIL.
Broader than Sirsi Users and in Arlington, VA; local for many Feds.

Ronald (Ron) Joe, Librarian
910 643 1185
FT Bragg, NC  28307

Librarians --  Because not everything on the internet is true

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I'm new to Federal Libraries and am strongly considering attending COSUGI in
SLC this year. Since one of my goals is to connect with colleagues, but
given the travel, I'm not sure if I'd run into anyone from the DC-Md-Va
area. Are any of you planning on attending? Are there other venues that
would be more worth-while for networking with fellow FedLibers?

Many thanks,



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