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Subject: Immigrations, Migrations and Refugees: Global Perspectives--Now available!


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Global perspectives on global issues
For wide-ranging perspectives on human migration that stretch far beyond the borders of the United States, Immigrations, Migrations and Refugees: Global Perspectives, 1941-1996, is an outstanding new resource. This unique digital archive includes firsthand accounts from reputable sources around the world, covering such important events as post-World War II Jewish resettlement, South African apartheid, Latin American migrations to the United States and much more.
A breadth of multidisciplinary research potential
Today, immigration, migration and refugees are among the most-searched topics in libraries in both the United States and Europe. In addition to providing historical context that is vital to understanding today’s news and issues, Immigrations, Migrations and Refugees provides insight into world economics, international relations, political science, foreign trade, human rights and countless other topics. With more than five decades of content from dozens of countries, it is an indispensable resource for academic libraries worldwide.


For course assignments in many departments
Immigrations, Migrations and Refugees has been designed for use in courses offered by a range of departments, including History, Political Science, Sociology and others.  Disciplines supported include African, Asian, Middle Eastern and Latin American Studies; International Relations; Public Policy; Global Studies and more. It contains valuable documents related to course assignments on such topics as Ethnicity and History, Religion and Culture, Immigration Politics, and many others.


For more information about Immigrations, Migrations and Refugees—or to request a trial for your institution—please contact Readex at 800.762.8182 or [log in to unmask]
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