[log in to unmask]" align=left hspace=12 alt="GL19 Announcement" v:shapes="Afbeelding_x0020_1">Nineteenth International Conference on Grey Literature
  ‘Public Awareness and Access to Grey Literature’


                            National Research Council of Italy, 23-24 October 2017 in Rome


Two of the most formidable problems that have faced information through the years are its overload on the one hand and its loss on the other. These are seen as interconnected with the supply and demand sides of grey literature. A quarter century ago, the Grey Literature Network Service joined by research communities in library and information, physics, karst and marine sciences, bio-medicine, nuclear energy, archeology, and many other scientific and technical fields set out to address this loss and overload of information. In 1992, when the call for papers went out for the first conference in the GL-Series, the response was predominantly focused on the demand side of grey literature – that which was difficult to find and even more to access. The emphasis then lie in stemming the loss of grey literature. However, the outcome of that first conference also called attention to the equally important need for further research into the supply side of grey literature – namely its production, publication, and public awareness. GL19 seeks to demonstrate how researchers and authors in the last 25 years have made significant inroads in responding to the loss and overload of grey literature. Likewise, this conference will seek to provide new directions in achieving public awareness and access to grey literature on an ever changing information landscape. To this end, information professionals and practitioners in the sectors of government, academics, business and industry are invited to respond to this year’s Call for Papers, http://www.textrelease.com/gl19callforpapers.html.



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