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Air Pollution Manual: Part II. Control Equipment   American Industrial Hygiene Assoc.           1967
Alternating Current Machines (2nd Ed)      Puchstein and Lloyd         1942
Annual Book of ASTM Standards  The American Society for Testing and Materials    1977
Applied Structural Design of Building (3rd Ed.)        McKaig 1965
Architectural Construction            Crane    1947
Architectural Drawing     Morgan                1950
Architectural Drawing for the Building Trades        Kenney and McGrail         1949
Architectural Engineering              F.W. Dodge Corp              1955
Architectural Specifications          Sleeper  1940
Ashrae Guide and Data Book -Systems      Carl W. MacPhee              1970
Ashrae Handbook  - Applications                Carl W. MacPhee              1982
Ashrae Handbook - Equipment     Carl W. MacPhee              1983
Ashrae Handbook - Equipment     Carl W. MacPhee              1975
Ashrae Handbook - Systems          Carl W. MacPhee              1984
Betz Handbook of Industrial Water Conditioning   Betz       1962
Bituminous Materials for Highway Construction    ASTM     1967
Building Construction Handbook Frederick S Merritt           1958
Concrete Pipe for Irrigation and Drainage               American concrete and pipe association 1961
Concrete Pipe Handbook               Peckworth           1959
Control of Electric Motors (3rd ed.)           Harwood             1952
Controlling Maintenance Costs    Lewis     1966
Corrosion of Reinforcing Steel in concrete              Tonini/Gaidis      1980
CRSI Design Handbook (II)             Reese    1965
Data Book (Air Conditioning Refrigerating/Design)              The American Society of Refrigerating Engineers            1953
Data Book (Refrigerating/Applications)    The American society of refrigerating engineering               1952
Data Book for Civil Engineers (Vol. 2) / Specification and Costs       Seelye   1946
Design Manual for High Strength Steels    H. Malcolm Priest             1962
Drainage of Asphalt pavement structures                The asphalt institute        1984
Electrical Code Diagrams (Vol. 1 & 2)        Segall    1954
Engineering Economics for Professional Engineers' Examinations   Max Kurtz            1959
Fan Engineering                Robert Jorgensen             1970
Guide Specifications for Highway Construction      American Association of State Highway Officials               1968
Handbook of mechanical specification for buildings and plants       Emerick 1967
Handbook of steel drainage and highway construction products     American iron and steel institute               1971
Hardware Age: Builders Hardware Handbook         Adon H. Brownell             1956
Heating and air conditioning (6th ed.)       Walker and James            1946
Higher Surveying               Breed and Hosmer           1947
Highway Materials (Part I & II) (9th ed.)    American Association of State Highway Officials   1966
Hydraulics of Culverts      John Hendrickson, Jr.       1957
Illumination Engineering                Warren B. Boast               1953
Industrial Engineering Handbook                H.B. Maynard     1956
Kent's Mechanical Engineers' Handbook - Design and Production (12th Ed.)               Colin Carmichael          1952
Large Scale Composting Satriana               1974
Low rise building system manual MBMA   1986
Maintenance Engineering Handbook         Morris   1957
Manual of built-up roof systems Griffin    1970
Manual of built-up roof systems Griffin    1982
Manual of Steel Construction (6th ed.)      American Institute of Steel Construction 1965
Materials Handbook (7th Edition)               George S. Brady 1951
Principles of Air Distribution          Richard D. Tutt   1955
Safety Code for Cranes, Derricks, and Hoists          The American Society of Mechanical Engineers               1952
Santa Barbara Coastal Engineering Conference     American Association of Engineering        1965
Sewerage and Sewage Treatment (7th edition)      Babbitt  1953
Simplified Design of Reinforced Concrete (4th edition)       Harry Parker       1976
Standard Handbook for civil engineers (2nd edition)            Merritt  1976
Standard Specifications for Construction on roads and bridges on Federal Highway projects (2 copies)  U.S. Dept. of Commerce 1961
Structural Drafting           Bishop   1941
Surges in High-Voltage Networks               Klaus Ragaller     1980
Techniques of Plant Engineering and Maintenance (Vol. XXIV)         Don Burchard     1973
Timber Engineers Handbook         Hansen  1948
Time Savers Standards: a manual of essential architectural data     F.W. Dodge Corp              1954
Water Purification Control            Edward S. Hopkins            1948