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Subject: [ALCTScentral] ALCTS mailing list issues: ALCTScentral, PADG, and more

It has recently come to the attention of the ALCTS Office that random people have been silently unsubscribed from some of our electronic discussion lists. Please take the following actions to check your list subscriptions that are hosted by ALCTS and ALA:

 1.  Visit and log in (there are options for "First Log In" and "Lost Password" if needed)
 2.  Click on the "My Lists" button and you will see all of the lists to which you are subscribed

To subscribe to a new list:

 1.  Search for the list name from the home page or the menu bar at the upper right-hand part of your screen
 2.  Click on the list on the search results screen
 3.  Choose the "Subscribe" link on the left-hand side of your screen

You can come back to anytime to manage your subscription:

 *   Change your email address for any reason (under My Preferences)
 *   Unsubscribe from a list
 *   Access the list archive to review a discussion
 *   Choose to receive the messages in digest format instead of one email at a time

Many of the lists we host are open subscription, and most are unmoderated. Here's a sample of lists that may be of interest to you:

 *   ACQNET<>: Moderated discussion forum on issues that are of concern in library acquisitions
 *   ALCTScentral<>: Unmoderated open list for anyone interested in ALCTS or technical services
 *   ALCTS Duplicates Exchange Union<>: Autonomous group of libraries that communicate to exchange usable library material
 *   ALCTS E-Forum<>: Monthly discussion forum on issues of interest to technical services
 *   COLL-ASSESS<>: Discussions relating to collection assessment and evaluation in libraries
 *   COLLDV<>: Discussions related to collection management
 *   DIGIPRES<>: Discussions related to digital preservation
 *   Electronic Resources Interest Group<>: Discussions related to electronic resources management
 *   Metadata Interest Group<>: Discussions related to metadata creation and management
 *   New Members Interest Group<>: Discussions and items of interest for new ALCTS members
 *   NISO<>: Provides a forum for feedback from ALA members to NISO standards
 *   Preservation Administrators Interest Group (PADG<>): Discussions related to preservation topics
 *   Public Libraries Technical Services Interest Group<>: Discussion related to technical services in public libraries
 *   RULES<>: Read-only public access discussion list for CC:DA's deliberations concerning cataloging rules and RDA

If you are currently volunteering on a committee and have been unsubscribed, the ALCTS Office will have to resubscribe you to your committee discussion list. Please contact one of our staff, or email [log in to unmask]<mailto:[log in to unmask]> for assistance.

Please feel free to share this message with your colleagues.