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GC 1 .I5433 no.68-77              OCLC: 2 holders

Breslau, Lloyd. 1968. A technique for the location of buried sand and gravel deposits in shallow-water areas. Washington, D.C.: Naval Oceanographic Office. 11 p. Pbk. IR no. 68-77.


GC 1 .I5433 no.69-42 1969     OCLC: NO holders

Stiles, N. T. ( Newell T.) and others. 1969. The riverbed roughness and sub-bottom structure of the main shipping channel to Sai Gon, RVN(NGA Bay, Long Tau, NHA Be, and Sai Gon Rivers). Washington, D.C.: U.S. Naval Oceanographic Office. 48 p. Pbk. IR no. 69-42.


GC 9 .F164 1966          OCLC: 1024 holders

Fairbridge, Rhodes Whitmore. 1966. The encyclopedia of oceanography, edited by Rhodes W. Fairbridge. New York, Reinhold Pub. Co. 1021 p. Hbk.


GC 11 .D263 1972       OCLC: 333 holders

Davis, Richard A. 1972. Principles of oceanography [by] Richard A. Davis, Jr. Reading, Mass., Addison-Wesley Pub. Co., 434 p. Hbk.


GC 11 .L96 1970          OCLC: 3 holders

Lynch, Thomas John. 1970. Long wave study of Monterey Bay. Monterey, California: U.S. Naval Postgraduate School. 91 leaves. Photocopy. Thesis.


GC 11 .V945 1962       OCLC: 560 holders

Von Arx, William S. An introduction to physical oceanography. Reading, Mass., Addison-Wesley Pub. Co:  422 p. Hbk. 2 copies.


GC 16 .T934 1968       OCLC: 870 holders

Turekian, Karl K. 1968. Oceans. Englewood, Cliffs, N.J., Prentice-Hall 120 p. Pbk. Foundations of Earth Science series


GC 57.2 .C2 no.58 1977          OCLC: 18 holders

Hand, Cadet Hammond and others. 1977. Development of aquaculture systems : final report, 1971-1976. La Jolla: Institute of Marine Resources, University of California.  97 p. Photocopy. NOAA-77062725.


GC 57.2 .D4 no.12-78 1978     OCLC: 11 holders

Somers, G. F. and others. 1978. Domestication of halophytes as potential crops for food, feed, or marsh improvement : summary of progress, 1974-1977. Newark: Sea Grant College Program, University of Delaware. 35 p. Photocopy. NOAA-79013104.



GC 57.2 .D4 no.2-75 1975       OCLC: 2 holders

Hartman, Michael and others. 1975. Farming the artificial sea : growth of clams in a recirculating seawater system.  Newark: College of Marine Studies, University of Delaware. p.59-74. Photocopy. COM-75-10310. DEL-SG-2-75. NOAA-75021105.


GC 57.2 .G4 no.73-1 1973       OCLC: 14 holders

White, David B. and others. 1973. Sea water system for aquaculture of estuarine organisms at the Skidaway Institute of Oceanography. Skidaway Island, Ga.: Skidaway Institute of Oceanography. 18 leaves. Photocopy. COM-73-10722. Technical Report Series no. 73-1. NOAA-73042404.


GC 57.2 .J46 1976       OCLC: 31 holders

Jensen, P. A. and Hann, R.W. 1976. The interrelationship of material toxicity, stream properties and quantity of spilled material in assessing the risk of hazardous material spills. College Station, Tex.: Texas A&M University. 261 p. Photocopy. NOAA-76071409. TAMU-SG-75-212.


GC 57.2 .M3 no.75-6 1975      OCLC: 11 holders

Day, R. W. and others. 1975. A low-cost improvement for alewife (herring) passageways. Cambridge: Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 12 p. Photocopy. COM-75-10671. Report no. MITSG 75-6 JUM. NOAA-75042501.


GC 57.2 .M35 1974     OCLC: 20 holders

Male Robert and Basco, David R. 1974. A dispersion curve study of model dredge spoil basins. College Station: Texas A&M University. Coastal and Ocean Engineering Division. 139 p. Pbk. TAMU-SG-75-201. C.D.S. report no. 180.


GC 57.2 .M37 no.80-12 1980  OCLC: 17 holders

Levadoux, Jacques-Noel. 1980. Pore pressures during cone penetration in clays. Cambridge: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Sea Grant College Program. 310 p. Pbk. MITSG 80-12.  Grant NA79AA-D-00101.


GC 57.2 .O76 no.73-022 1973            OCLC: 5 holders

Johnson, L. E. 1973. Application of waterjet hydraulics to an underwater excavation system. [Corvallis]: Oregon State University.  [14] leave 

GC 83 .M67 1968        OCLC: 2 holders

Moritz, Carl Arthur. 1968. A descriptive survey of the head of Carmel Submarine Canyon. [Monterey, Calif.] Naval Postgraduate School. 82 leaves. Photocopy. Thesis.


GC 84.2 .N49 F45 1969           OCLC: NO holders

Felix, David William. 1969. [Origin and] recent history of Newport Submarine Canyon, California continental borderland. Submitted to Geophsics Branch, Office of Naval Research. Los Angeles, Calif. Dept. of Geological Sciences, University of Southern California. 48 leaves. Photocopy. Report no. USC Geology 69-3.


GC 96 .C6 1964 OCLC: 825 holders

Estuaries; [papers] Edited by George H. Lauff. 1967. Washington: American Association for the Advancement of Science. 757 p. Hbk. Conference on Estuaries, Jekyll Island, 1964. Publication no. 83.


GC 96 .I57 1973          OCLC: 442 holders

International Estuarine Research Conference (2nd : 1973 : Myrtle Beach, S.C.). 1975. Estuarine research edited by L. Eugene Cronin. New York: Academic Press.   2 volumes. Hbk.


GC 97 .N37 1977         OCLC: 421 holders

National Research Council (U.S.) Geophysics of Estuaries Panel. 1977. Estuaries, geophysics, and the environment. Geophysics of Estuaries Panel, Geophysics Study Committee, Geophysics Research Board, Assembly of Mathematical and Physical Sciences, National Research Council. Washington: National Academy of Sciences. 127 p. Pbk. Studies in Geophysics series.


GC 97 .P64 1975         OCLC: 78 holders

Helliwell, P.R. and Bossanyi, J. (editors). 1975. Pollution criteria for estuaries: proceedings of the conference held at the University of Southampton, July 1973. London: Pentech Press. 317 p. in various pagings. Hbk.


GC 98 .R573 1975       OCLC: 1534778

Riley, J. P. (editor). 1975. Chemical oceanography. London; New York: Academic Press. 1975. 2nd ed. 2 volumes. Hbk.


GC 151 .B25 1970       OCLC: 2 holders

Baker, R.E. 1970. The comparison of oceanic parameters with light attenuation in the waters between San Francisco Bay and Monterey Bay, California. Monterey, Calif.: U.S. Naval Postgraduate School. 203 p. Pbk. Thesis


GC 151 .C7 1971         OCLC: One holder

Crews, Thomas Walter. 1971. A study of light attenuation in Monterey Bay, California. Monterey, Calif.: U.S. Naval Postgraduate School. 149 leaves. Photocopy. Thesis.


GC 151 .Y47 1968       OCLC: 3 holders

Yeske, Lanny Alan. 1968. The correlation of oceanic parameters with light attenuation in Monterey Bay, California. Monterey, Calif.: U.S. Naval Postgraduate School. 144 p. Pbk. Thesis.


GC 166 .P67 M53 1977           OCLC: 12 holders

Porter, Ronald A. and Ho, Ping-Tong. 1977. Microwave radiometric sensing of surface temperature and wind speed from SEASAT : final report. Prepared for National Environmental Satellite Service, NOAA. Wakefield, Mass.: Radiometric Technology. [164] p. Photocopy. Contract 6-35217. NOAA-77062710.


GC 178 .B377 1965     OCLC: 4 holders

Bassett, Charles H. and Furminger, Harry C. 1965. An investigation of the vertical variation of light scattering in Monterey Bay, California. Monterey, Calif.: United States Naval Postgraduate School. 88 leaves. Photocopy. Thesis


GC 178 .M36 1969      OCLC: 7 holders

Marks, Wilbur. 1969. An engineering guide to spectral analysis. New York: Oceanics, Inc. 36 leaves. Photocopy. Technical Report no. 69-63. ONR contract no. Nonr-3961(100) : NR 083-171/6-1-67.


GC 190.2 .C54 1992    OCLC: 30 holders

Chanson, Hubert. And Cummings, P. D. 1992. Aeration of the ocean due to plunging breaking waves. Brisbane: Dept. of Civil Engineering, University of Queensland. 1 v. (various pagings). Pbk. Research report no. CE142.s. Photocopy. COM-73-11519. SG-04-3-158-4. NOO-73082811.


GC 57.2 .R44 no.31 1977        OCLC: 9 holders

Rogers, Bruce A. and others. 1977. Life stage duration studies on Hudson River striped bass, Morone saxatilis (Walbaum). [Kingston]: University of Rhode Island. 111 leaves. Photocopy. URI-MTR-31. SG-04-6-158-44002. NOAA-78020602.


GC 57.2 .W66 no.77-59 1977  OCLC: 7 holders

Ryther, John H. and Mann, Roger. 1977. Bivalve mollusc culture in a waste recycling aquaculture system. Woods Hole, Mass.: Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. 122 leaves in various pagings. Photocopy. WHOI-77-59. SG-04-6-158-44106. NOAA-77110301.


GC 63 .A73 A73 1994  OCLC: 151 holders

Tucker, Walter and Cate, David (editors). 1996. The 1994 Arctic Ocean section : the first major scientific crossing of the Arctic Ocean. Sponsored by United States National Science Foundation ... [et al.]. Hanover, NH: U.S. Army Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory. 117 p. Pbk.


GC 83 .C38 1969         OCLC: ONE holder

Caster, William Albert. 1969. Near-bottom currents in Monterey Submarine Canyon and on the adjacent shelf. [Monterey, Calif.] Naval Postgraduate School. 203 leaves. Photocopy. Thesis.