Your primary care & immunization people may be interested in these Open Access immunization schedules for 2017 posted today.

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FYI, new immunization schedules are out for adults (Ann Int Med) and
children and adolescents (Pediatrics) as well as 2 articles on the need &
practical approaches to optimize adolescent immunization.  They are all Open
Access (links below).  Let me know if you need help getting a copy of any of
The CDC immunization site for health care professionals is
< >  The CDC
immunization app will be available in March.  (Details below)

1.  Recommended Immunization Schedule for Adults Aged 19 Years or Older,
United States, 2017
David K. Kim, MD, MA; Laura E. Riley, MD; Kathleen H. Harriman, PhD, MPH,
RN; Paul Hunter, MD; Carolyn B. Bridges, MD; on behalf of the Advisory
Committee on Immunization Practices (†)
Ann Intern Med. 2017;166(3):209-219.  [not yet in PubMed]
ts-aged-19-years-older-united-states >

2.  Recommended Childhood and Adolescent Immunization Schedule—United
States, 2017
Pediatrics  Feb 2017,  e20164007;   [not yet in PubMed]
7 >

3.  The Need to Optimize Adolescent Immunization
Henry H. Bernstein, Joseph A. Bocchini, COMMITTEE ON INFECTIOUS DISEASES
Pediatrics  Feb 2017,  e20164186;   [not yet in PubMed]
6 >

4.  Practical Approaches to Optimize Adolescent Immunization
Henry H. Bernstein, Joseph A. Bocchini, COMMITTEE ON INFECTIOUS DISEASES
Pediatrics  Feb 2017,  e20164187;  [not yet in PubMed]
7 >

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CDC Vaccine Schedules App:  Get the CDC Vaccine Schedules app for clinicians
and other health care professionals for immediate access to CDC’s latest
recommended immunization schedules and view childhood, adolescent, adult,
and catch-up vaccine schedules and footnotes on your smartphone and tablet
devices.  Free downloads are available from the iTunes App Store and Google
Play.  NOTE: app version 4.0 (reflecting the 2017 schedule) is in
development; watch for the new version in March. If you previously
downloaded the tool, check that you have version 3.0.1 with 2016 schedules
and footnotes.

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