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Z 5853 .P5 L773 1980                        OCLC 8149476: 23 holders

American Society of Civil Engineers. 1980. List of sources and reference material on pipeline design. [New York?]: American Society of Civil Engineers. 57 p. Pbk.


Z 5853 .P63 1976               OCLC 5288623: 16 holders

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Z 5853 .S6 B582 1974                       OCLC 1103992: 54 holders

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Z 5853 .S6 B582s Suppl. 1955                        OCLC 271045016: ONE holder

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Z 5853 .S6 F533 1965        OCLC 16912050: 7 holders

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Z 5853 .S6 I39                     OCLC 6017716: 18 holders

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Z 5853 .S6 I39 1953-55     OCLC 29128812: 2 holders?

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Z 5853 .T7 T45 no.65-11 1965       OCLC 18021526: 2 holders

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Z 5853 .T7 T45 no.67-10 1967       OCLC 18012724: ONE holder

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Z 5862.2 .W3 S955 1974  OCLC 858479: 321 holders

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Z 5863 .P6 J65 1994          OCLC 30665034: 148 holders

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Z 5943 .S88 C115 1981     OCLC 8142363: 33 holders

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Z 5971 .C782 1977             OCLC 3708051: 31 holders

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Z 5971 .S764 1972             OCLC 38437469: 3 holders

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Z 5996 .A1 D46 1993         OCLC 28317684: 106 holders

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Z 6004 .G44 W577 1973  OCLC 2388631: 120 holders

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Z 6004 .H9 U53 1969 / Y 3.W 29:9                OCLC 3408491: 64 holders

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Z 6004 .P5 R347 1960                       OCLC 2849905: 7 holders

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Z 6028 .U56 1992               OCLC 557867: 526 holders?

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Z 6033 .L6 D252 1951                       OCLC 3453211: 30 holders

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Z 6034 .U5 A6 W747 1939                              OCLC 2003944: 83 holders

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Z 6034 .U5 C5 T241 1974                 OCLC 3206559: 78 holders

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Z 6034 .U5 N499 1978                      OCLC 4368257: 28 holders

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Z 6034 .U5 N6 S334 1961                                OCLC 8414753: 48 holders

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Z 6034 .U5 O66 1936-45  OCLC: 3068732: 38 holders

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