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Transactions of the ASME,  Journal of Heat Transfer, 1971-1986 Vol.93-108

Transactions of the ASME, Basic Engineering, Series D, 1971-72 vol 93-94

Transactions of the ASME, Lubrication Technology, Series F, 1986-1983, vol.90-105

Transactions of the ASME, Dynamic Systems Measures and Control, Series G, 1971-1986 

Transactions of the ASME, Engineering Materials and Technology, Series H, 1975-1986 Vol.97-108

Transactions of the ASME, Pressure Vessel Technology, 1975-1986, Vol 97-108

Transactions of the ASME, Energy Resources Technology, 1979-1986, Vol.101-108

Transactions of the ASME, Journal of the Solar Energy Engineering, 1981-1986 103-108

Transactions of the Japanese Concrete Institute Vol. 6-22 1984-2000

ASCE Transportation Engineering Journal 95-107 1969-1982

Tunnelling Underground Space Technology 1986-2003 1-18

Tunnels and Tunnelling 1970-2005 2-37

Water Engineering and Management 138-150 1991-2003


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