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GB 1622 .M4 D43 1976

Deacon, James E. 1976?. Final report Lake Mead Monitoring Program. 207 p.


QC 951 .M68 1962      OCLC: 13 holders

McMurry, Earl W. 1962. Measurement of atmospheric water vapor by a spectrophotometric technique. [Tucson]: Institute of Atmospheric Physics, University of Arizona. ~30 p. Pbk. Scientific report no. 19.


QC 984 .A6 B73 1978  OCLC: 6 holders

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QC 984 .A6 B73 1979  OCLC: 3 holders

Brazel, Anthony J., and Richard D. Ziriax. 1979. Monthly and seasonal spatial variability of precipitation: Phoenix and environs. Tempe, Ariz: Office of the State Climatologist, Laboratory of Climatology, Arizona State University.  109 p. Pbk. Climatological publications. Scientific paper no. 10


QC 984 .A6 H65 1979 OCLC: 3 holders

Holden, Tammy. 1979. Diurnal temperature extremes at Winslow, Arizona, 1973-1978. Tempe: Laboratory of Climatology, Arizona State University. 26 p. Pbk. Climatological publications. Scientific paper no. 9.


QC 984 .A6 J64 1978   OCLC: 3 holders

Johnson, Daniel M. 1978. Some problems involved in the interpretation of return periods. Tempe, Ariz: Office of the State Climatologist, Laboratory of Climatology, Arizona State University. 7 leaves. Pbk. Climatological publications. Scientific papers no. 5


QC 984 .A6 M35 1978             OCLC: 9 holders

Arizona, Robert W. Durrenberger, and Robert S. Ingram. 1978. Major storms and floods in Arizona 1862-1977. Tempe, Ariz: The Office. 44 p. Pbk. Climatological publications. Precipitation series no. 4.


QC 993.7 .K36 P76 1965         OCLC: 3 holders

Kangieser, Paul C., and Christine R. Green. 1965. Probabilities of precipitation at selected points in Arizona. [Tucson]: University of Arizona, Institute of Atmospheric Physics. 8 leaves. Pbk. Technical reports on the meteorology and climatology of arid regions no. 16.


QE 535.2 .U6 A759 1982         OCLC: 49 holders

DuBois, Susan M. 1982. Arizona earthquakes, 1776-1980. Tucson: University of Arizona. 456 p. Pbk. Bulletin / State of Arizona, Bureau of Geology and Mineral Technology, Geological Survey Branch no. 193.


QE 581 .P75 R36 1972                        OCLC: 13 holders

Price, W. E. 1972. A random-walk simulation model of alluvial-fan deposition. Tucson: University of Arizona. 225 p. Pbk. Technical reports on Hydrology and Water Resources. Technical report no. 7.


QE 600.3 .U6 J46 1977            OCLC: One holder

Jennings, Mark Douglas. 1977. Geophysical investigations near subsidence fissures in northern Pinal and southern Maricopa counties, Arizona. 101 leaves. Photocopy.


QH 105 .A7 T336 1973            OCLC: One holder

Smith, E. Linwood, and Gordon Lawrence Bender. 1973. Tacna marsh. [Phoenix, Ariz.]: [The Dept.]. ~9 leaves. Photocopy.


QH 352 .A54 I58 1976             OCLC: No holders

Anderson, Bertin W., and Robert D. Ohmart. 1976. An inventory of densities and diversities of birds and mammals in the lower Colorado River Valley. Tempe: Dept. of Zoology and Center for Environmental Studies, Arizona State University. 131 p. Pbk.


QK 938 .D4 F88 1998  OCLC: 124 holders

Tellman, Barbara. 1998. The future of arid grasslands: identifying issues, seeking solutions : Tucson, Arizona and selected ranches in Southern Arizona,Southwestern New Mexico, and Northern Sonora, October 9-13, 1996. 392 p. Pbk. Proceedings RMRS-P-3.


QL 84.22 .A17 E53 1985         OCLC: 2 holders

Williams, Jack Edward. 1985. Endangered aquatic ecosystems in North American deserts with a list of vanishing fishes of the region. [Tempe, AZ]: Arizona-Nevada Academy of Science. 62 p. Pbk. Journal of the Arizona-Nevada Academy of Science vol. 20, no. 1.


TC 530 .F56 1992        OCLC: 18 holders

Arizona Water Commission. 1977. Arizona state water plan, Phase II: alternative futures. [Phoenix?]: The Commission. 145 p. Pbk.


GB 1025 .A6 A8 1979  OCLC: 8 holdings

Arizona. 1979. Draft report of tentative recommendations, July 1979. Phoenix, Ariz: The Commission. 165 p. Pbk.


GB 1025 .A6 J33 1960             OCLC: 3 holdings

Jacob, C. E. 1960. Groundwater and drainage of Yuma Valley and contiguous areas. Northridge, Calif: C.E. Jacob. 50 leaves. Pbk.


GB 1399.4 .A6 C65 1999         OCLC: 256 holdings

Webb, Robert H. 1999. The controlled flood in Grand Canyon. Washington, DC: American Geophysical Union. 367 p. + Map Supplement to Geophysical Monograph 110. Hbk. Text with map supplement (in folder).


GB 1399.4 .A6 T5 1973           OCLC: 13 holders

Thorud, David B., and Peter F. Ffolliott. 1973. A comprehensive analysis of a major storm and associated flooding in Arizona. Tucson, Ariz: Agricultural Experiment Station. 30 p. Pbk. Technical Bulletin 202.


GB 1399.4 .A6 T82 1984         OCLC: 55 holders       

Saarinen, Thomas F., Victor R. Baker, Robert W. Durrenberger, and Thomas Maddock. 1984. The Tucson, Arizona, flood of October 1983. Prepared by Thomas F. Saarinen, Victor R. Baker, Robert Durrenberger, Thomas Maddock, Jr., for Committee on Natural Disasters, Commission on Engineering and Technical Systems, National Research Council. 112 p. Pbk.


GV 191.42 .A6 S83 1975         OCLC: 13 holders

Sublette, Werner J., and William Edwin Martin. 1975. Outdoor recreation in the Salt-Verde Basin of central Arizona, demand and value. Tucson: Agricultural Experiment Station, University of Arizona. 41 p. Pbk. Technical Bulletin 218.


HC 107 .A6 M567 1973           OCLC: 16 holders

Minshall, Charles W. 1973. Development of the Arizona environmental and economic trade-off model. Columbus, Ohio: Battelle Columbus Laboratories. ~100 p. Pbk. Final report.


HD 1694 .A6 R52 1961        OCLC: 12 holders

Rich, Lowell R. 1961. Surface runoff and erosion in the lower chaparral zone, Arizona. Fort Collins, Colo: Rocky Mountain Forest and Range Experiment Station. 35 p. Pbk. Station paper (Rocky Mountain Forest and Range Experiment Station (Fort Collins, Colo.)) no. 66. 


HD 1694 .A7 K29 1973            OCLC: 307 holders

Kelso, Maurice M., William Edwin Martin, and Lawrence E. Mack. 1973. Water supplies and economic growth in an arid environment; an Arizona case study. Tucson: University of Arizona Press. 327 p. Pbk.


HT 384 .U52 P46 2008            OCLC: 270 holders

Schipper, Janine. 2008. Disappearing desert: the growth of Phoenix and the culture of sprawl. Norman: University of Oklahoma Press. 146 p. Hbk.


KFA 2846 .S65 1936    OCLC: 30 holders

Smith, G. E. P. 1936. Groundwater law in Arizona and neighboring states. Tucson, Ariz: University of Arizona. Pages 47-91. Pbk. Technical Bulletin (University of Arizona, Agricultural Experiment Station) no. 65.


QC 884.2 .D4 S76 1971           OCLC: 2 holders

Stockton, Charles W. 1971. The feasibility of augmenting hydrologic records using tree-ring data. 172 leaves. Pbk. Thesis.


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TC 425 .S3 Y68 19??    OCLC: No holders

Young, E. F. 1900. Early history of Salt River Project: (from a human interest standpoint). [Place of publication not identified]: [publisher not identified]. 125 leaves. Pbk.


TD 224 .A6 B87 1986              OCLC: 8 holders

Bush, David B., and William Edwin Martin. 1986. Potential costs and benefits to Arizona agriculture of the Central Arizona Project. [Tucson]: Arizona Agricultural Experiment Station, College of Agriculture, The University of Arizona. 96 p. Pbk. Technical bulletin no. 254, January 1986.


TD 224 .A6 C46 1986              OCLC: 80 holders

Klett, Mark and others. 1986. Central Arizona Project photographic survey. [Tucson, Ariz.]: Center for Creative Photography. Distributed by the University of Arizona Press. Supported in part by Arizona Commission on the Arts, The University of Arizona Foundation. 48 p. Pbk.


TD 427 .S38 E54 1999             OCLC: No holders

Engberg, R. A. 1999. Selenium budgets for Lake Powell and the upper Colorado River basin. Journal of the American Water Resources Association. 35 (4). [Middleburg, Va.?]: American Water Resources Association. Reprint from Journal of the American Water Resources Association. Vol. 35, no. 4 (August 1999). P. 771-786. Pbk.


TD 485 .A6 H379 1965

Harza Engineering Company. 1965. An appraisal of pumped storage projects, State of Arizona. Prepared for the Arizona Power Authority.