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I’m not aware of any committee or group that’s in a position to make a decision about this. With the caveat that people can do what they want in their local catalogs (as long as they still have one), it doesn’t make sense to me to make an entry for the personal name heading.  The name authorities have cross references for that. (I know, cross references don’t work very well in most catalogs.)  But making all those entries creates a lot of clutter in the catalog and makes it hard for the user to find works by the person that are not official communications.  This is especially true in large research libraries.



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This question came from our colleague Florence Jones from the Colorado State Library.


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We are wondering about the status of the policy to add 700s in bibs that carry a 110 (occasionally also a 710) for a Head of State.  For a long time it was national cataloguing policy to automatically add this 700.


As we through RDA authority for all Colorado governors, I was adjusting all our bib records with a 110 for a governor (and a lot of other bibs in OCLC) to carry a 700 for the personal form of the governor's 110/710 entry.  


About 2 months ago this standard pairing came into question on Autocat, so I stopped adding the 700, pending a final and official decision on whether the 700 would continue to be desirable.  So some of our records have the 700 and some do not.


Has the relevant committee or group made a decision on this?  If so, I fix all our records to conform with that decision.  If not, I'll wait and make a not to follow up with you in the spring.


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