I’ve always supported the idea of recording this sort of thing in the work or expression entity descriptions (a.k.a. authority records), and hope we will see some proposals. I’d be great to record the information once and for all in the work or expression entity description and not have to repeat it in the bib records every time we get a new manifestation. (Same goes for recording subjects, etc.)

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No, I don’t believe that there is a specific MARC field to record this attribute of the expression.  This is also true of most of the attributes of the work and other attributes of the expression found in RDA chapter 7.   For example, were I to create a work authority record for a dissertation, there is no specific place to record RDA 7.9 Dissertation or Thesis Information, although at least I could record the form of work as a thesis in field 380.

I’m not sure why most of the work and expression content attributes found in chapter 7 weren’t provided a place in the MARC Authority Format.  Perhaps someone who worked on the original group that proposed MARC revisions and new fields for RDA back so many years ago might know and be willing to comment on this?

Adam Schiff
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PCC folks,

Is there at this time a MARC field in an expression name authority record to record summarization of content as instructed in The LC-PCC-PS for same discusses only bibliographic records, and all my searching has turned up nothing.

If not, is there perhaps a proposal in the works to create such a field?


in solidarity,

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