Hey PCC, 

I know it may seem like I ask a lot of Qs about fictitious characters, but that's only because I do. 

I know that this is suddenly unsolid ground and with the full implementation of IFLA-LRM this question and its answer may become moot. 

My question is specifically about a construction I noticed in two characters:

Robin, $c the Boy Wonder (Fictitious character)

Krypto, $c the Superdog (Fictitious character)

I was curious about the application of those appellations, and specifically what RDA instruction they were generated by. Judging from the use of comma, and no parentheses, I assumed they were drawn from "Title of Person, RDA 9.4"

Yet I can't see anything in that would allow the recording of "the Boy Wonder" or "the Superdog" as those aren't

 "indicative of royalty, nobility, ecclesiastical rank or office, or a term of address for a person of religious vocation, rank, honour, or office, including initials or abbreviations representing an academic degree, or membership in an organization"

And I further note that neither term is recorded in 368 $d.

Rather these seem to fall under a broad interpretation of's "Other Designation Associated with Person -- Other Designation"

My reading of would then lead to an AAP along the lines of:

Krypto $c (The superdog) (Fictitious character)

Does this seem correct? Or have I erred and 9.4 is broader than i've been interpreting, or perhaps I've erred in an entirely different way!

I'm not trying to pick on the 040 institution here, I spend a lot of time thinking about the NARs for fictitious characters and the best ways to represent them in our authority files, so these two jumped out at me.

in solidarity, 

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