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I was asked today how to transcribe this title according to RDA:





You can see the actual title page at or


The resource is a translation into English of Dante’s work Il convivio.  (BTW, the translator, Philip H. Wicksteed, is only named at the very end, on page 446 of the “Editorial Note”).


The two possibilities are, of course:


245 14  The convivio of Dante Alighieri.




245 14  The convivio / $c of Dante Alighieri.


RDA doesn’t seem to give a definitive instruction on what to do in a situation like this. has these examples:


The most of P.G. Wodehouse                [There isn’t a work by Wodehouse entitled “The most”, so this example probably isn’t really very illustrative].


The annual report of Governor …       [This one may be more useful.  The alternative would be: The annual report / of Governor …] says



the title includes a name that would normally be treated either as part of a statement of responsibility or as the name of a publisher, distributor, etc.


the name is an integral part of the title (e.g., connected by a case ending)


record the name as part of the title.


None of the title proper examples given in illustrate a title with a preposition such as “of”.  On the other hand, some of the other title examples do have this preposition:


proceedings of the Robert Owen Bicentennial Conference, Thrall Opera House, New Harmony, Indiana, October 15 and 16, 1971

official scientific journal of the European Society of Agricultural Engineers does have an example with a preposition:


Records of the Socialist Labor Party of America


and has this other title example:


newsletter of the Somerset and Dorset Family History Society covers noun phrases, but I don’t think “of Dante Alighieri” can be considered a noun phrase.



I think a cataloger could record “of Dante Alighieri” as part of the title proper, or as the statement of responsibility, and either would be correct according to RDA.  I lean toward 245 10 The convivio of Dante Alighieri (and probably give a variant title 246 30 Convivio), but I don’t see RDA telling us that this is the way such a title must be transcribed.  What say you all?  Is one option better than the other?  Would an example like this be useful to add to RDA?  Would an RDA revision to give more definitive guidance in a situation like this be useful?




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