Dear PCC colleagues,

As was announced on this list by PCC chair, Matthew Beacom, one of the outcomes of November’s Policy Committee meeting was the agreement in principle to pursue a PCC umbrella membership in ISNI.   As one prong of this initiative, the PCC is undertaking a pilot project with ISNI for a small group of libraries to begin working within the ISNI database, utilizing ISNI tools to create, update and manage ISNI identifiers.  I’m writing today to extend an invitation for libraries to express their interest in participating in this ISNI pilot, which we anticipate will get underway within the next few weeks.


Institutions participating in the pilot must be willing to be ISNI early adopters, with all the challenges and opportunities that comes along with that.  Pilot participants will contribute to giving shape to a new shared path for libraries to use ISNI for identifier management for persons and organizations.  The pilot group will work within the ISNI systems, engaging with the ISNI staff members about library needs, and examining through actual use the functionality of existing tools, recommending and prioritizing future developments. 


Some characteristics of the pilot, as envisioned at this early planning stage, would include:


·        Ability for each institution to conduct independent identifier projects to search for existing/ modify existing/ and create new ISNIs for persons and organizations using ISNI member tools

o   At first, this would be limited to manual transactions until the batch templates are developed for our pilot group

·        Work as a group with ISNI to establish the batch template and batch workflow processes that will be adopted as the common template within the PCC umbrella membership

·        Contribute to best practices that would be codified and documented for the PCC umbrella membership in ISNI, with the intent being for the pilot group to pass on input for actions to be considered by appropriate PCC Standing Committees and Working Groups as a way to utilize the talents of those groups in their respective focus areas (i.e. Standards, Training, Automation, Identity Management in NACO Task Group, etc.)


There would be a small cost associated with participation, as the pilot group would be collectively covering the 2017 membership fees and set-up costs for the ISNI Registration Agency membership, being established in the name of the PCC.  The more participants we have, the lower the cost to each participating institution; however, the pilot group will intentionally be kept small (estimated to be 8-10 libraries) so that the group can work effectively together and with ISNI.


We would be grateful if you would reply by Wednesday, March 8 if you are interested in being considered for the pilot


Once pilot participants are finalized, the group will have input into the scope and details of the pilot to determine the best way the pilot can address in concert the interests and priorities of both the institutions participating as well as the planning needs of the PCC.  For any institutions considering this invitation, questions about the pilot may be directed to me.


Best regards,

Michelle Durocher


On behalf of the PCC Policy Committee




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