A brand-new writing guide, “Elements of style 2017,” has come across my desk this morning, and its author is Richard De A'Morelli,
It turns out that there are TWO name authorities that match this name, and seem to be by the same author:
nar354272       DeA'Morelli, Richard            Psychic power [but the titles with this heading always show a space after the “De” element]
nar1816864      A'Morelli, Richard de           Numerology
Given that the present style guide is from “Spectrum Ink Publishing,” and my style guide author’s bio in the book agrees with his page at Spectrum web site (http://my.vu.org/writers/richard/ ), it’s clear that he is also the author of the books on paranormal and self-help topics.  I am under the impression that, as an American writer, the “De” should be considered the beginning of his surname.  So I’m inclined to give the heading in my new record as De A'Morelli, Richard [including the space after “De”].
Before I go messing with two DLC records (editing one, reporting one for deletion, and giving two 400s with $w nne in the surviving record), would someone at LC like to tackle the job instead, or at least “issue a ruling” that I’m on the right track?
Here’s the 670 I would include for the book:
670    Elements of style 2017, 2016: $b title page (edited and compiled by Richard De A’Morelli) page 5 (Richard De A’Morelli, signed a multi-book contract at age 18, has published 15 nonfiction books on writing and inspirational topics, three novels under pseudonyms, and more than 500 by-lines newspaper and magazine articles; has taught journalism, writing, and self-help courses at Los Angeles Valley College and Learning Tree University in Southern California; 30-plus years of experience as a professional editor; author of other Spectrum Ink books including You can change your life)
Ken Rockwell
J. Willard Marriott Library
University of Utah
Salt Lake City, UT