Hi All,
   In order to facilitate and share knowledge during the Agile Transformation phase in OCIO and LC we
(Agile Transformation team) would like to invite you to Agile Community of Practice brown bags sessions. 
Agile Transformation Initiative Sponsored by CIO started in June 2016. This initiative was targeted to setup Agile Standards and processes for product development in OCIO. Transformation project team was created with representatives from various OCIO teams . There were 3 phases/Releases of Agile Transformation. This Project was run using Agile Scrum practices and deliverables and templates were posted on AgileAtLibrary confluence space.
The first Release was Agile Transformation Setup which completed in Dec 2016. This Release created Agile Standards at the Library “AgileAtLibrary” in Confluence. This could be accessed here https://staff.loc.gov/resources/display/AT
We are currently working on Agile Transformation Rollout release which consists of communications , alignment with other OCIO processes like ESE, Contracts, Security and adding metrics. Final Release is Agile Governance setup targeted for 4th Quarter 2017 .For additional information on AT Scrum Epics and Stories please access Jira here:
For additional training on Skillport OCIO Agile Transformation learning path:
Here’s the link https://loc.skillport.com/skillportfe/login.action
OCIO learning path could be selected from left hand drop down.
If you need conference no:
LOC Conference  202  707-5900  or  7-5900  Participant's Code:   751591
The tentative agenda for first meeting is
  1. Overview of Agile Transformation
  2. Updates on current LOC Agile Methodology
  3. Questions from FY 17 Agile Scrum teams
  4. Feedback and Challenges for Scrum masters
  5. Next meeting Agenda topics and team presentation or SME presentation on Agile Topics
Please forward invite to others who might be interested.
AT Team