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We are trying to incorporate Accelerated Readers (AR) levels in our juvenile titles so that parents and kids can search for those directly in our catalog (our ILS is Polaris).   The information about the AR titles is usually entered in the 526 field…


Tag: 526


1st 0



‡a [Program name: Accelerated Reader]

‡b [Interest level: LG (lower grades K-3), MG (middle grades 4-8), MG+ (middle grades plus 6 and up), UG (upper grades 9-12)]

‡c [Reading level]: #

‡d [Title point value]: #

‡x [Non-public note]: txt

‡z [Public note]: txt


Example: 526   0  Accelerated Reader AR $b Upper Grades $c 6.4 $d 7.0


Have any of you incorporate the AR information in your Juvenile/YA titles and if so, how are you indexing the tag to allow patrons to search for these?  I am particularly interested in any methods you’re using to allow patrons not just to search for Accelerated Readers but also to filter by the interest level (subfield b) and reading level (subfield c).


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