In a quite heated PCC-list discussion last spring, it was observed that and its parallels in chapters 10 and 11 instruct us to create
variant access points based on variant names, not on the preferred name.

In that discussion, some argued that variant access points based on a
preferred name are frequently created anyway, and may in at least some
cases be necessary or desirable, though others argued that it's overkill,
because in a case like yours, some qualifiers (e.g. graduate student) are
too temporary, and proliferation of variants may lead to conflicts down the

But based on that discussion, ALA put forward a revision proposal to allow
greater flexibility in variants. The proposed changes approved by the RSC
in November can be found here:

So technically, I think it's not legit now, but in the April RDA toolkit
update next month, you can expect to see instruction change more
formally allow the type of variant you describe:

Current text:

When constructing a variant access point to represent a person, use a
> variant name for person (see 9.2.3) as the basis for the access point.

New text:

When constructing a variant access point to represent a person, use a name
> of person (see 9.2.1) as the basis for the access point.

The RSC document linked above also shows some new examples.

At that point, I suppose it will be a matter of cataloger's judgment and
any forthcoming changes to LC-PCC PS to encourage or discourage any
particular variants.


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> From an acting (not real, I just play one) NACO Coordinator:
> One of our catalogers is including/adding 400s differentiated only by a
> variant $c qualifiers for field of activity/profession, e.g. 100 with
> (Painter), 400 with (Illustrator), for the same form of name. Nothing like
> this in RDA 9.19.2, which, granted, does not abound with permutations of
> variation.
> Is this legit? I've seen (or can recall) no examples.
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