Dear collective wisdom,

I've run into a problem in trying to update a conference authority record
to RDA. I think the problem is actually with OCLC's validation algorithm,
but I'm wondering if others have encountered this as well, and whether it's
a "known problem."

I would like to update NAR no2002013383 to RDA. It's for the Council of
Pavia-Siena, a 15th-century church council that took place in two locations.

Applying RDA, it appears that the RDA heading (expressed in
MARC) should be:

111 2_ $a Council of Pavia-Siena $d (1423-1424 : $c Pavia, Italy; $c Siena,

i.e. with the subfield $c repeated.

According to MARC 21 for Authority Records, subfield $c _is_ repeatable.
There's even a statement to this effect in the General Information X11
section: "Multiple adjacent locations are contained in a repeatable
subfield $c."

But when I attempt to validate the heading in OCLC, it fails validation, so
I am unable to replace the record.

So I'm wondering, should I remove the second $c and replace the record, or
should I wait to replace this record until this validation problem gets

thanks for any advice,

Charles Croissant
Senior Catalog Librarian
Pius XII Memorial Library
Saint Louis University
St. Louis, MO 63108