Thanks for the information, Bob. I have recently seen a number of records that follow this pattern:

100 1_  [Author]. $t [Title]
500 1_  $i Author: $a [Author]

Was that pattern considered by your committee?


On 3/20/2017 9:02 AM, Robert Maxwell wrote:
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A joint task group consisting of members of the PCC Standing Committee on Training and the PCC Standing Committee on Standards has drafted a PCC Guidelines for Relationship Designators in Authority Records document over the last year or so. It has gone up the approval process and should be out shortly (still a few technical details, evidently, on LC’s part).


The short answer to your question, however, is yes, you should use a relationship designator with a 5XX field if an appropriate one is available. Capitalize the designator and follow with a colon. Also record “$w r” E.g.:


100 1_ Alexander, Lloyd. ǂt Book of three. ǂl Spanish ǂs (Solé)

500 1_ ǂi Translator: ǂa Solé, Albert ǂw r

500 1_ ǂi Contained in (expression): ǂa Alexander, Lloyd. ǂt Chronicles of Prydain. ǂl Spanish ǂs (Solé) ǂw r


110 2_ A.H. Cox & Co.

510 2_ ǂi Successor: ǂa Hoechst UK Ltd. ǂw r


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