See Subject Headings Manual section H 364  Authorization for Geographic Subdivision:


Authorize  headings to be subdivided geographically that represent topics that have a geographic orientation, or that could be discussed in relation to a place or to a population in a particular location, including ethnic groups; living, extinct, or fossil organisms; languages; types of objects and equipment; types of organizations and structures; disciplines and fields of study; processes, activities, and phenomena; chemicals and materials; diseases; economic, social, and psychological concepts; types of events; etc.  Code such headings to authorize geographic subdivision whether or not geographic subdivision is needed for individual works being cataloged.


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Subject: (may subdivide geographically) ?


Happy Friday

I am looking at the Subjects Headings manual for information, a complete rule, on when a topic may be geographically subdivided and when it may not.

Cataloger's Desktop lists all the headings and includes the additional note about which ones may be subdivided geographically. It also mentions the addition of (May Subd Geog) as generated from the existence of "i" in field 008/06 in the authority record.

But I am looking for the rule that actually explains why some headings can be while others not.

In which documentation might I find this philosophical guidance?

Thank you,



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