Another way to present the same question is:  With staff cuts widespread in cataloging departments, who has the time?  Personally, I think it would be great if we could put more effort into BFM in WorldCat, and have posted about this in the past.  However the proportion of available resources and the size of the task seems comparable to the metaphorical teacup emptying the ocean.


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Just to clarify--when I ask "who will pay" I'm really talking about opportunity costs associated with the portion of salary paid for correcting OCLC records, of which there may be hundreds+  in a given case. - Richard Noble (not Moore)

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PCCLIST readers,

Thanks to Richard Moore for his response.  To address the question about who will pay for the time spent:

(1)   OCLC participant institutions, paying our salaries.

(2)   People providing service on a “pro bono” basis.

Other expenses, such as equipment maintenance, likely would need to be included in any cost analysis.

Sincerely - Ian

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