Sorry I couldn't get to this earlier today. The following appear to be suitable examples from recently-issued (or re-issued) records. (These records have a 100 field containing subfield $c in parentheses, and a 400 field with the same base name but a different subfieId $c; the 400 $c not checked for parentheses. 400 fields containing $w are excluded, as are records for fictitious persons, deities and the like.) I  can go further back in time, but I think these examples, and earlier comments, are sufficient: do it if you feel it would be helpful.



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Subject: [PCCLIST] 400 for variant $c qualifier?


From an acting (not real, I just play one) NACO Coordinator:


One of our catalogers is including/adding 400s differentiated only by a variant $c qualifiers for field of activity/profession, e.g. 100 with (Painter), 400 with (Illustrator), for the same form of name. Nothing like this in RDA 9.19.2, which, granted, does not abound with permutations of variation.


Is this legit? I've seen (or can recall) no examples.



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