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Since LC doesn’t create or edit SARS these days, perhaps someone who does can help.


I wonder whether in the SAR below, the access point should be

1001 Sacks, Jonathan, ǂd 1948- ǂt Covenant & conversation

because it appears that Sacks wrote all titles in this series.


I’m also wondering whether it should have a SAR at all, or whether instead the SAR should advise treatment as a series-like phrase or as a title proper:


·         The only OCLC WorldCat record I’ve found that appears to have treated this phrase as a series is 939921664 Leviticus : the book of holiness (at my desk), for which has also been provided a field 246 Covenant & conversation : ǂb Leviticus – plus a 490 field and a variant form in field 830 Covenant & conversation series (which got me looking for a SAR: I don’t know how or why the word series got appended). 


·         Some WorldCat records have that phrase as title proper, thus: Covenant & conversation, a weekly reading of the Jewish Bible (as recorded below in 670/2).   On the title page of the book in hand, as well as the cover, that phrase is more prominent than “Leviticus ...”


·         OCLC 544287342 treats the title as a multipart monograph, but is incomplete and has a different publisher from the book in hand.  Three volumes are available (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus): and cataloging them individually permits each one  to be classed separately within LCC, which is a more user-friendly approach, collocating them with other commentaries on each Bible book.


Please forward this email as appropriate.  Also please note: I do not create or edit SARs (so don’t tell me what to do with this one!).


Sincerely - Ian


Ian Fairclough

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George Mason University


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010  no2015135918

040  OCoLC ǂb eng ǂe rda ǂc OCoLC

130 0Covenant & conversation

380  Series (Publications) ǂ2 lcsh

380  Monographic series ǂ2 lcsh

430 0Covenant and conversation

643  New Milford, CT ǂb Maggid Books & The Orthodox Union

644  f ǂ5 OCoLC

645  t ǂ5 DPCC ǂ5 OCoLC

646  s ǂ5 OCoLC

670  OCLC 424561447: Genesis, the book of beginnings, 2009 ǂb (usage: Covenant & conversation)

670  Rabbi Sacks website, viewed October 1, 2015 ǂb (Covenant & conversation: a weekly reading of the Jewish Bible)