I can’t answer the question about the orthography, but I don’t see a reason why the guild should be entered subordinately to Amsterdam.  The preferred name probably includes “tot Amsterdam.”



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Hi PCC list:

I really hope that there might be a Dutch speaker out there who can help with my query.

I have a work, the third printing of a worl, whose first edition appeared in The Hague in 1699 entitled:
Advysen, certificatien, ende gewysdens: rakende het vergoeden van de schade, die de binnelandtse schepen malkanderen aan doen.

My edition, however, is printed in Amsterdam, 1716.

The issuing name for this work is given on unnumbered page 3 as: Groot binnelandts-varende schippers gilde tot Amsterdam.

I understand, that according to RDA and PCC policy for that I need to establish the name as is appears in my piece and give the modern orthography.

I would like some input on what that might be ...
Amsterdam (Netherlands). ǂb Groot Binnenlands-Varende Schippers Gilde


Amsterdam (Netherlands). ǂb Groot Binnenlands-Varende Schippersgilde.

We have only this 1716 ediiton and the records as indexed in the KB online catalogue give no author or issuing body.

Can anyone help me here so I can make my record and move on to the next piece in my sammelband?

With eternal gratitude and a nice glass of jenever for you, or vla if you prefer,



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