It does seem a little excessive to create a proliferation of variant access points using the preferred name. Recording different occupations is the role of the 374 field.







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From a practical point of view, I would discourage the proliferation of variant access points distinguished by qualifiers in the same general field or activity. "Painter" and "illustrator"? No. "Painter" and "accountant"? Possibly.


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At that point, I suppose it will be a matter of cataloger's judgment and any forthcoming changes to LC-PCC PS to encourage or discourage any particular variants.




Bob: And I hope there won’t be any such LC-PCC Policy Statements. A conscious decision was made at the beginning of RDA to leave the decision about whether to include variants or not up to the cataloger’s judgment. I’m in favor of leaving it that way.




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From an acting (not real, I just play one) NACO Coordinator:


One of our catalogers is including/adding 400s differentiated only by a variant $c qualifiers for field of activity/profession, e.g. 100 with (Painter), 400 with (Illustrator), for the same form of name. Nothing like this in RDA 9.19.2, which, granted, does not abound with permutations of variation.


Is this legit? I've seen (or can recall) no examples.



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